CL Nude Patent Leather YoYos - Retail Price?

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  1. Hi! Does anyone know the retail price of these shoes? I see a couple in my size on eBay and the starting bids are $749+. Not sure if I should just wait until I can get them from NM or Saks at retail. Thank you!
  2. $540. I saw a couple at Saks in Beverly Hills. I ordered mines from Saks NY
  3. hsl521 - thank you! I'll call Saks NY or BH when I get back to California. $540 is sure better than $749.
  4. No problem! If they don't have it, ask them to search one for you!!
  5. do you have to go up a half size for these?
  6. If they are patent my recommendation is 1 full size up for comfort. Not sure if mine will stretch soon but at the moment they are perfect. Retail should be around $600. I had seen them at barneys seattle a while back at in satin for $670
  7. i got them TTS and they're perfect, just need to be worn in a little. they will be stretched after a while, i have a pair of patent loubs and they stretched quite a bit.
  8. I bought these in a 38.5 on eBay (no returns :sad:) and I really wish I had bought them in a 39. I'm usually a 8-8.5 in regular US sizes and my size 39 simple pumps are the best fit of the CLs I own. I'm selling the 38.5s now and I'm tempted to buy them again in a 39!
  9. great choice on shoes, i love these yo yo's myself and am looking for some!!