CL Newbie needs guidance: Rolande or Rolando

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been cruising this subforum and learning about CLs. I want to reward myself with my first pair, either Rolando or the slingback Rolande, probably in patent black or the red.

    I'd like to know how these shoes are to walk in. Really. I'm a lawyer and do spend a fair amount of time on my feet.

    Secondly, I've noticed the sizing charts and I wanted to confirm: I'm generally a 37, so I would probably need a 38 in either of these shoes?

    Finally there aren't many CL retailers where I live. Has anyone purchased on eBay? Are counterfeits a problem? I've been looking around and there seems to be quite a lot of CL shoes on eBay. Is most of it fake??

    Thanks so much for your help girls :yahoo:
  2. I can't help with sizing since I don't own this style "yet" but I love the rolando's in deep red.

    But I have purchased from eBay from reputable sellers and never had a problem, now they are usually more expensive.
  3. I love both as I own both the black patent rolande and the red patent rolando, but I would have to say that the rolande is actually much easier to walk in for me as far as comfort is concerned.

    I don't know how long you would last wearing these at work though since you are on your feet quite a bit.

    I would suggest buying a 38 since the toe box runs very narrow on these styles.

    And, depending on which style you end up choosing, I would call Bergdorf Goodman first in NYC before you resort to Ebay b/c of the prices. Retail on both the rolande and rolando in patent, leather, and suede is $610, whereas the leather rolande is priced at $730. However, the leather is sold out from what I understand.

    The rolande was available at BG and the red/black rolando was available at Saks and Barneys as far as major retailers. The red one is also available at NM. Sizes are really limited so I would make a decision fast. lol

    As far as counterfeits are concerned, the only styles that are faked often are the Bruges and the espadrilles. However, just phone one of the stores when you make a decision and just do a "charge send".

    FYI, the rolando also comes in some different suede shades-emerald green, black, brown, plum, fuchsia, and electric blue. However, fuchsia and electric blue are generally sold out. And other patent colors include taupe and beige, which looks off white.
  4. Hi & welcome to the CL addiction! I love both the Rolando and Rolande but have a slight preference for the Rolando as it's closed toe/closed-heel pump (hence more versatile than a slingback) and also has the most "proportional" toe cleavage (the toe cleavage on the Rolande is just a bit too much). You can't go wrong with either black patent or that gorgeous wine red patent color (truly a classy & timeless red, not an in-your-face red, KWIM).

    As for CL's on eBay, the vast majority are authentic (thank God, unlike bags); I have yet to spot a fake Rolando/Rolande *yet*, knock on wood (the fakes I've seen are Bruge's, and then once in a while extremely obvious scammers who offer ridiculously low prices and only stock photos). Why are there so many CL's on eBay? B/c people have figured out that CL's are one of the hottest-selling/money-making fashion items on eBay/in stores nowadays....well there you go, supply & demand. Many retailers in the US don't do charge-sends overseas, hence the demand on eBay.

    Sizing-wise definitely size up at least 1/2 a size (for some a full size). What are you a 37 in? Can you give a few examples & we can better advise you....e.g. a 37 in Prada can be quite different from a 37 in Jimmy Choo. HTH!
  5. Oops, I just read the part about your being a lawyer and wanting these for work. Well, to be honest, I wouldn't recommend these as walking shoes -- standing several hours, ok....but not walking more than a few steps. If it's a job that involves mainly sitting at the desk and/or a job in the fashion industry (those with that unspoken type of "dress code") and you carry another pair of shoes for your daily commute (before getting to the office), the Rolando/Rolande could work. But for working attorneys who actually expect to do some walking in high heels, I recommend mainly Pigalle 100, Clichy 100, Simple 100/85/70/etc. and the like. Or the new Declic style (which is suitable for walking IMO).
  6. I would not recommend either shoe for spending longs hours on your feet. I find the toe box to be much too narrow for my feet. I went up a half size from my normal CL size and with it's height and material I know that I will not get a lot of wear from them. As far as I know the wine Rolande was only available at BG and the Rolando can be found at Saks in black and red patent, NM in red patent and Barneys in black, red, navy and camel patent. If you are set on a pair of these you need to act fast because they are a fast selling shoe.
  7. sweet jesus!! I would give away every pair of shoes that I own for 1 pair of Rolandos!!! lol
  8. Thanks so much for the welcome ladies, and for the advice! I think there may be a serious addiction coming on... :nuts:

    I'm going to have a net browse today and see what I can find... ;)
  9. Once you buy the first pair, you just can't stop.. ;)
  10. Hi, I'm new to the CL scene as well. I've been looking into buying a pair of purple suede Rolandos. I can't find a list of all the colors and materials that Rolandos come in. Suede seems to have all the more vibrant colors.

    Can anyone tell if if these Rolandos are the same, they look like two different shades of purple and two different heights but it may be lightiing and angle. My concern is that Saks has the shade I want but NAP's Rolandos look like the heel is different.



    Another question, I heard that Rolandos come in different heights, like 4.5 inches and 5 inches, is that true?