CL newbie ( black pumps)

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  1. Hey everyone
    I'm relatively new to this sub forum and completly new to CL shoes. I'm looking to treat myself to a pair of simple black pumps which I'd be able to wear both to dinner and at work.
    I have a few important presentations coming up which is why I thought I'd order a pair lowish heel black pumps.

    Iv had my eye on these. I relatively wide feet at the front but narrow around the back. I was thinking are these relatively comfortable ( atleast after the break in phase)

    Or any other styles do you recommend.

    Thank you so much!
  2. yeah, they're okay. I dont' think they're *the* most comfy CLs, but the low heel height definitely helps. If you have wide feet, you may find the toebox a little tight...

    They're very appropriate for doing your big presentations at work :yes:

    So overall, yes, I think it's a good starter pair and the price is great! :biggrin:
  3. Im tallish (5'9) so i am not used to wearing heels. So im trying to find a lowish heel but not completely flat.
  4. i find the simple pump to be quite "comfy" (comfort with CLs is relative... LOL)
    these look like a 45 mm heel.. which i find quite short. if you're not used to heels though, this would work for you, especially if you have wider feet and a narrow heel. you could go up to an 85 too - it's not quite 4 inches. if you want, you could also try a lower heeled pigalle (pointy toe) in a kid leather, which stretches more than patent. HTH!
  5. Hi thanks for the advice :smile:
    I was looking on the CL uk website I was actually going to buy the 85mm ones cause i cant find any lower.
  6. I was trying to look for the 70mm simple pumps. I can't find it anywhere! :sad:
  7. I find my Simples and New Simples some of my most comfortable CL's with a closed toe, for a peep toe I love, love, love my VP's - walked 2.5 miles in them the other day at work! With a wider toe area and narrow heel the Simples would probably be the best for what you want. I too am 5'9" and was apprehensive about a high heel!
  8. Thanks for the info :smile:

    Which heel height did you get?
  9. I have an extensive CL collection (although not nearly a large as others here), the two simples I have are 100's. The lowest I have are 100's and the tallest are 140's...which makes me 6'2 to 6'3...LOL DH is only 5'8 so I just go for it!!!:p

    You can see my collection here:
  10. Amazing collection!
    Love them all :smile:
  11. Thank you, but as for your search, I just thought that maybe the Prorata might be another good choice. From what I have heard they are comfortable and with the 'sculpted' heel they have a little more "sexy" factor than a straight heel.
  12. Ooo just had a look at them! They do have that extra sexy factor. Can you only get them in a smaller heel. I can only find 90mm
  13. They only come in the 90 but with the platform they feel lower, about a 75 or 80, thus a very comfortable easy to wear CL.
  14. Saks had the the Simple 70 last weeks.. Well I should say Saks NY.. Good luck finding them :smile:
  15. I have the Prorata. Got them for Mothers Day :smile: I'm not a person that's comfortable with wearing heels either but I can attest that the Prorata 90's are very comfortable heel height to wear. I can easily wear them all day without my feet feeling tired or hurting. The platform front helps a great deal!!