CL Multiples

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Do any of you ever buy the same pair of CLs twice? I mean, the same fabric, height, color, etc.

    I ask because not too long ago I bought my first pair of CLs, the red Triclos (my love!). Since the, I have also bought the same style in purple. Buttttt, whenever I see the red Triclos available in my size (like on ebay), I started drooling and am compelled to purchase them, though I already have them. :drool:

    I feel totally wierd for feeling like this - sort of like Mel Gibson in that conspiracy movie with Julia Roberts (where he owns many copies of the same exact book and keeps on purchasing every copy he sees)

    Do you guys ever feel this way? :confused1:
  2. I've got a few Ron Rons in the 85 hight as these are soo comfy ...
  3. I have some styles in multiple finishes e.g. Decollete in black patent, red karey patent, white pony/lizard, black/white pony & grey suede but not exactly the same shoe twice - there's too many lovelies out there for duplicates ;)
  4. I agree-I have multiples of styles, e.g. VPs-but not the exact same shoes, unless they are a workhorse that you wear every day and might wear out (destroy) and want a back up.
  5. I would be fine w/ the same styles, just not the same colors and materials/finish. Example: I have a pair of pony haired leopard rolandos but I am looking for a solid color patent rolando. The finish & color makes them totally different.
    I wouldn't have the need for two of the exact same shoe.
  6. like most people here, i have multiples of the same style (VP #1, decolletes, declics)... but they are in different materials and colors...

    the only time i can see getting 2 of the same (sort of) are nude patent VP with different colored tips: i currently have the burgundy tips but i would love red and rose gold as well.
  7. I have considered buying another pair of camel patent decolletes to wear for special occasions since I wear the pair I have so much. I scuffed the leather on the heel and it was a fiasco to get it fixed (finally did but it's a lonngggg story). I will wait until I have extra money and there are no other pairs I want.
  8. I have several styles that I have multiples of...VPs, MBs, Peniche....but they are all in different materials or colors. I have considered buying a second pair of luggage leather VPs but since they have never gone on sale, to the best of my knowledge, I just haven't....yet!
  9. I actually want another pair of black patent decolletes because I wear them out so much and it's getting less shiny and a little wrinkly near the sole. Just got some serious leather conditioner :P but I think I will buy another pair if there are the slightest of rumors that they won't be produced in the future!
  10. i have 5 pairs of flats, but they are all different colors/materials and i wear flats pretty much every day during the winter. i would even consider buying another pair of 2nd black ones.

    i have mutiple styles of wedges as well but like flats they are a staple for me for summer, i've only recently discovered that wedges are super comfy.
  11. I have mutliples of the same style - for example, Yo Yo's in 4 different colors. However, I think if there's a style/color that you wear a lot, and are starting to wear out, its totally fine to get another pair!
  12. I have to admit I do have back-up pairs of the same exact shoe (same color, same style, material - exact same shoe). They are sitting in their boxes in the closet waiting for me to mess up the original pair. But, I also have to admit that I've been reconsidering the reasonable-ness of doing this since CL keeps coming out with slight variations and new styles that I also MUST HAVE...
  13. There are too many others that I want, but I wouldn't mind having a back-up pair for some of the shoes I have, if I could ever find any.
  14. I don't have any exact duplicates, but I understand the urge. When I see some pairs, I practically start drooling, and then go try on the ones I have in my closet :cool: The same happens with sunglasses too - every time I see Oakley Crosshairs at the mall, I try them on, even though there's a pair in my purse.