CL, Miu Miu booties/boots...which please help me choose one ???

  1. Hi lady's I have recently discovered CL's and just love them (got 5 pairs in the last couple weeks) but right now I need to choose between these three and I am not at all decided. I don't need any more boots booties so this is just a matter of wanting too add a new beauty...I woman can never have enough boot/booties am I wrong:upsidedown::shame:?

    CL ariella booties :
    Miu Miu ruffled boots:
    miu miu black booties:

    Please help I am really torn but need to make up my mind quickly!
    820_5007_007.jpg indexCA8F9BBL.jpg ARIELLATALON!LOU-2831_d.jpg
  2. Whoa! That's a lot of CLs! :p

    All lovely boots. I think the Miu Miu knee-high pair with the ruffles might be a little too trendy for me. Miu Miu boots are expensive, and personally I would like to wear them for years to come. Another problem I have with it is that it doesn't look quite tall enough to be knee-highs, and midcalves make my calves look fat. I would worry about that, don't know if you feel the same way.

    Between the booties, I really love the CLs because the shape is just so beautiful. Not loving the elastic bands on the Miu Mius. Kind of reminds me of the eighties? Or whatever time period elastic bands were all the rage.

    But I'm just being nit picky. They are all beautiful!
  3. Love the CL's they're gorgeous! :tup:
  4. I love the ruffled boots but I agree with forever21 - they're probably not going to be "in" for too long. I would go for the last pair, they'll probably last you for a long time.
  5. You can wear the CL's for a longer time than the ruffle boots because they are so classic. The ones in the middle are kind of boring.
  6. ^^ I agree with priin!
  7. Thanks lady's so it seems like most of you prefer the CL's.
    I love them too but I like the ruffled for their uniqueness (what calves are concerned I am fine) and I like the miu miu booties because they kind of look simple and elegant.......ahhh decisions
  8. I like the black miu mius the most :smile:
  9. The Louboutins are lovely :love: You can't go wrong with a basic, beautiful style like that.
  10. Of the three the black miu miu booties are my least favorite... While I agree with the ladies that the CL booties are a classic timeless style, for some reason I just love the tall miu miu boots! :love:
    Yes the ruffles are a bit trendy, but they aren't overly done to where you couldn't wear them in the future. And besides, we all know that trends tend to cycle and even if they are out next year or the year after that, 4-5 years from now they will be the super in thing again-AND you'll be ahead of the rest! I say go for it!:p
  11. i say go for the CL's they're just timeless!!

  12. I do like them too come back over and over again for some reason:idea:...I meen honestly platform is a trend...for a couple of years now but still a trend.

    But I also really, really like the CL's :confused1:
  13. Love the CL's.
  14. I'm going to have to say the CL's too...although with the right outfit, I do think you could totally rock the Miu Miu ruffle boots!
  15. My vote goes to the CL's because it's more timeless. I don't know how I feel about ruffles on boots.