CL miss boxe or Steve Madden look alikes?

  1. Hi- I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of CL miss boxe from NM. They are in the mail and on their way to me. I got them at full price $525, which is not bad for CLs. But then I saw the Steve Madden look alikes that are very similar.

    Compare for yourself: (links borrowed from Morgan6869's "Christian Louboutin Wedges thread)

    Christian Louboutin - Leather Wedge Pumps -

    Steven Ntice (Black) - Women's

    So, now I'm torn. I understand the "comfort" and "quality" factors of the CLs. But the Steve Maddens are just $120! I'll probably wear it for a season and not ever wear them again! What to do??? Should I return the CLs?
  2. Honestly, I LOVE the miss boxe by CL. There is a certain enjoyment in owning the actual designer brand and maker of the style of shoe. You will appreciate the CLs more & be able to resell them for a large portion of the purchase price when you are done wearing them. The Steve Maddens are nice, but not high quality. You will be spending $120 on a pair of shoes that will not be worth anything in a few years, and cannot be resold. My opinion is always for quality. Shoes are for enjoyment & sometimes an investment! Either one looks great, but I would go for the CLs! :yes:
  3. How comfortable are the two differnet ones?
  4. I'd get the Steve Maddens for this particular style of CL shoe - some of his others I think would be more worth the splurge.
  5. Btw. can you get a price match to the NM sale price on those? Then I'd definitely get the CL's. Oh the sale is at Saks - nevermind.
  6. I vote for the louboutins. I have them and they are hot !