CL Miss Boxe Leather Wedges

  1. please help me find a pair of these wedges, I would greatly appreciated it.

  2. What size are you looking for? Do you have a preference for color or leather style? has the graffiti verion in sizes 6, 8, 9. has a few sizes as well in the graffiti.
  3. There are some on eBay right now, as well.

    I had a pair in black patent ... I usually wear an 8.5 in American brands, but find I take in between a 39 and 39.5 in CLs; I chose a 39.5 in this style.

  4. i love these, i've been hunting a perfect pair down to replace my over worn black patent ones... good luck with your hunt! you might wanna call the major departmental stores up to check. ;)
  5. thanks everyone! i am actually looking for a pair of black leather version. You think department store still has them or should I call up CL boutique?

    thanks for all your help!
  6. try the CL boutiques first, chances of them having it are higher than the departmental stores, i've called Saks Boca they didn't have them. good luck! ;) i got mine from paris last winter!
  7. ^thank you so much for your help. I will call the boutique then!
  8. Good luck, I think I saw a few on eBay.