CL Lovers, what do you think of BEBE shoes??

  1. Just wondering if anyone likes bebe shoes on here? =)
  2. I have two pairs that I bought a few years ago, and they are by far two of the MOST uncomfortable shoes I own...I hardly ever wear them for this reason. I think they come out with cute styles, and unlike other brands most of their shoes are "inspired by" and not necessarily exact replicas of the real deal shoes out there, but as for me I wouldn't ever buy another pair of their shoes just because the two I have hurt my feet very badly....
  3. very uncomfortable! but some are really pretty. unfortunately they also seem to have joined the designer inspired knock off trend and recently have been doing YSL look alikes amongst others ...
  4. Oh my goodness talk about UNCOMFY... While I was **Paitently waiting** for my camel decolletes to come in...i was in dire need of some round toe platform Pumps, which i found some at bebe...too bad they don't carry half sizes but anyway...I bought it half size too big (see how desperate i was lol) and there was a damage but they gave me 20% off (final sale) but I still payed a good $120 for those shoes...oh here are a pic of them...........
    * just sad how pleased i was with my new CL's and i just want to get rid of these damn shoes. not to mention i look like a complete idiot walking in these because they are not comfy!
  5. I concur: extremely uncomfortable, and poorly made for $100+ a pop.
  6. I have never tried their shoes. But based on all the comments above about the comfort level, I am not tempted to try them. Consdiering that these shoes are relatively expensive (over $100+), I think it is best to avoid them and put a little more money towards comy shoes like CL, MB, or JC.
  7. I think that one of the best attributes of expensive shoes is that they are generally much more comfortable than 'inspired' brands like Bebe. I am sure that many women would agree with me that if my feet are in pain, I am a miserable b*!?&.
  8. They're really cheap imo. There are much better options in that price range.
  9. just seeing bebe shows in their site looks uncomfortable and stiff...i wouldn't buy any
  10. BEBE shoes, except for flats and flip-flops, are not very comfortable. I think they need to reconsider the construction of the shoes w/ heels that high. I have some very high heels, but they are not as uncomfortable as bebe ones.
  11. Wow, I have never been much of a fan but from the reviews on here I am going to for sure stay away. For over $100 dollars I want my feet to be comfortable!
  12. I used to buy them a lot. Actually I had a pair of bebe sandals with a pretty high heel that I wore constantly and thought were some of the most comfortable heels I've ever had. I think it just depends on the style. Unfortunately for my budget I've developed my expensive shoe taste.