CL lovers, what are your thoughts on Steve Madden?

  1. I only discovered recently that SM makes a lot shoes that look VERY similar to CLs and was wondering what your thoughts are on SM?
  2. Hate Steve Madden, his designes are just unoriginal cheap quality copies.
  3. Not exactly a fan. Not just because of his interpretations of CL, but his "original" styles just are not my style. If someone wants an inexpensive version of CL and have no problem with the corresponding quality, then that's their choice.
  4. I'm not a huge fan but I don't mind it too much actually. Yeah they are total knock-offs, but at least they aren't fakes in any way. I do not want to be a shoe snob b/c at some point in my life, for example, back in my college days, Steve Madden shoes were considered luxury shoes in my mind (not kidding). Louboutin's, Chanel bags, Balenciaga's, etc. seriously were not even in my shopping repertoire; I knew a bit about them, but really at that time I was so engrossed in college that obsessing about shoes/spending time tracking down deals/cutting corners to save for shoes & bags was not on my agenda (or budget). Well back then CL was not a household name and SM knocked-off Manolo's & Jimmy Choo's mostly....still, same difference. While saving up for or splurging on CL's might be a common occurence amongst we regulars in this forum, I know many people for whom the SM version is still a luxury. Some of my friends still think it's crazy to drop almost $1k on each pair of shoes. Well to each their own. I love those friends all the same and don't look down upon anyone for choosing SM, Oh Deer, etc etc. What concerns me the most are the fakes -- i.e. people passing off fake CL's as real CL's on eBay -- and brand like SM/Oh Deer are knock-offs but not fakes.
  5. Not my first choice personally, SM doesnt fit me properly anymore. My closest friends purchase them all the time and sometimes acquire a style that is similar to one of my CLs. They get so excited showing them off to me .. "look what we found.. just like yours." I suppose I get all excited too when they share it with me since after all we are all about the same thing drooling over shoes .. When I was in my teens I wore their shoes.

    What does surprise me about SM is that over the years they have started to lose some originality. SM always seem to have their own unique thing going and then all of a sudden they started to copy high end designers.
  6. never liked it. And I dont think i ever will
  7. Couldn't agree more: from the friend comment( my friends love their SM) and I too thought that Sm use to be an original shoe designer..what happened? I guess coping is where the money is:tdown:
  8. SM shoes are very uncomfortable because of that they don't appeal to me but I :heart: these:


    I took them back because they were so uncomfortable:cursing:
  9. I asked because I have a 2 pairs of his ballet flats and one pair of heels. I saw a pair of booties on the site last month that I thought were very trendy looking for fall and then the other day I realized it was a copy of CL and it bugged me.

    I don't mind SM as a brand, but I don't like it too much when people become uninpired and copy other brands. Now it makes me wonder if the ballet flats and heels I have are a copy of something else =/
  10. I don't mind designers copying a trend, and I quite like SM's designs. But the shoes are terribly uncomfortable for me and that's the only thing I dislike about it.
  11. I don't mind SM. I have a pair of them but they are not as comfortable as the CL's. It feels like they don't put enough padding in it or something. Besides, it really hard for me to find a pair of SM shoes that will fit me.
  12. I've tried on many pairs of SM and most of them are uncomfortable for me. Even the pair of ballet flats that I own-it's too wide for my feet and rubs on my toes. Now, I tend to buy other brands.
  13. Steve Madden makes ridiculously uncomfortable shoes. Even after months of wearing a pair, they still cut into my feet and create blisters. :sad: (They're the right size too!)
  14. ^^ yes! i thought i was the only one who found SM shoes to be extremely uncomfortable. it always baffled me as to why/how they're so popular. they always cut into my feet no matter how much i try to convince myself that i'll "break" em in. I haven't had a problem with CL comfort yet. never getting SM again....!
  15. Let me join the Maddens Are Uncomfortable crowd. I've bought probably 6 or 8 pairs, always on sale, always saying to myself, "Aw, for THAT little, how uncomfortable can they be?"

    PLENTY, that's how!:push: