CL Lovers Pets

  1. I also have chins. :biggrin:

    A standard grey male named Bilbo and his girlfriend a black velvet called Kimmi (Kimberli). Sorry for the bad pics, these are all I have right now. Kimmi is in the first one.

  2. Okay, we have 4 pets: 2 dogs and 2 kittens.

    This is Gizmo. We found her in the parking lot of our old apartment complex! Apparently mama kitty dropped her on the way to the new nest and didn't come back for her :sad: I think she was only a couple hours old when we found her. Here is a picture from the day I found her (mind you I have pretty small hands):

    Here is Gizmo now (she'll be 1 year old on September 22):

    We decided after finding Gizmo that she needed a sister because she was behaving more like a dog than a cat. Enter: Bumble. This picture is from the day we brought her home, she must have been right around 8 weeks old.

    This is Bumble now, she will be 1 year old on October 14.

    We have a 6 year old mutt named Chewy. We think he's part Lab, part Chow Chow, and part something else. He's the smartest dog I've ever met!

    You've all seen the pics of our newest puppy, Chomper (avatar and signature pics). He turned 8 weeks old today, actually! We are picking him up from the breeder's tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I am sure I will come back and post pics then!!

    Just had to include a pic of DF and a young Gizmo because it's so precious:heart: She was about 9 weeks old in this picture.

    Okay!! I'll stop now!! Hehehe
  3. I love the way you hold your chin! My friend's chin escaped from me and he jumped everywhere. I was so afraid that he'd hurt himself but he jumped right back into his cage!
  4. Kirie - just :heart: them!!
  5. Meggy, that's how I got my kitty too! Found him crying in my back yard. Here's what he looked like when we first got him.
    poopoo1.jpg poopoo5.jpg poopoo.jpg poopoo2.jpg
  6. xsouzie, I think I may die from cuteness overload.
  7. All Pets are adorable and I'd love to meet all of yours, but not all at the same time ;).

    Well, here are my two. Barney is 9 years old and Cody is just two. Barney just wants a quite life but Cody has other ideas :nuts:.
    Boxers 01.JPG Boxers 02.JPG Boxers 03.JPG Boxers 04.JPG
  8. Gizmo actually came complete with mange from living outside, so we had to give her a scabies bath. Is this not the funniest picture ever? She looks like a rat. I actually submitted it to and it made it as a feature photo on the site. I was so proud of little Giz, she was famous!

  9. ^^ cute! Mine had fleas and he used to poop himself all the time, so it was constant baths.
  10. aw kittens are soooo cute. I've never had a cat before but they're always so fun to play with whenever I'm over at a friend's.

    and OMG, CHINCHILLAS!!! I remember as a kid, my brother would NEVER EVER let me get one. They are super soft!
  11. This thread is cuteness overload! Everyone has got lovely pets. It makes me so happy to hear how you ladies took on stray kitties. Warms my heart right up!

    Chins4> Love your chins as well, adorable!
  12. this is the cutest thread...........
  13. The star of my avatar Lulu and her brother Juju picking me up from the airport:


    Since this is a subforum of The Glass Slipper, here is Lulu in her kicks, however, she was not havin' it:


    Here she fell asleep on my sister's Uggs and as I was taking her picture, she woke up and again she was not havin't it:


    She turned into a leprechaun after frolicking on the freshly mowed lawn:


    This is her favorite toy--the squeaky soccer ball that she plays with obsessively until the squeaking disappears:


    As much as she loves her soccer ball she can get girly and all dressed up:



    Her big brother Juju a.k.a "Chubs" in his halloween costume as a pumpkin:

  14. so sweet:yes:
  15. ^^Aww, adorable!