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  1. Oops I forgot to put his name! Kingston or Kingy! He's a sweetheart! Such a good boy! Thank you :biggrin:

  2. Actually he knows better.....he values his life, in this picture he was on "time out" for bullying his cousin Kingston (a boxer), Kingston came over to visit, Hannibal promptly jumped on top of his suitcase claiming it, then proceeded to take every toy Kingston had and put it is in his own bed and then also stole Kingston's bed, and had the nerve to growl a high pitched puppy growl when Kingston tried to reclaim his belongings...definitely time out behaviour and not good social etiquette for guests let alone family, LOL

  3. I knew it!!! :roflmfao:I knew he had done something wrong hahahaha, HE knew he had done something wrong!! eeekkk so cuteeee i wanna squeeze him lol!! How can you look at that face and still keep him in time out hahahaha
  4. Too cute, another Kingston!!!

    LOL, that pictures reeks "Bad Puppy" and he didn't stay in timeout for long, even this morning he was nuzzling me I said "stop, stop, stop, ok I LOVE you too, he's just too darn cute!! you want a Weim @Dianebanana12 we can co pet-parent!!!

  5. Ugh I wish!!! I have two cats who DONT get a long and life in my house is already hell because of it hahaha I love them to death but trying to monitor them and keep them seperated but still giving them both equal time to roam the house is hard enough, imagine what a cute little puppy would due to them!! They are an awesome dog though huh, I dont think i ever heard of that breed, he got SO BIG I saw pics of him after, later in the thread!! Hes still just as adorable though! for now I still live at my parents house, but when I move out, Ill let you know lol

    Hows that breeds temperament usually? Fully undetstanding that all dogs are different lol, whats the usualtemperament ?
  6. :smile:
  7. I hear ya, he is my THIRD dog (yes someone have me committed!!!)
    Yes, he is HUGE but slim, all bones!!!
    As far as temperant I was warned early about chewing and setting boundaries, I would agree, he is highly active (plays all night) and you need to be stern, but he is very smart and highly intelligent, I'd get another Weim
  8. oh yeah not for me no way I cant be stern, my two cats have made me their *****, he def would hahahahah :roflmfao:
  9. Nope he's a bull dog mixed with a boxed! Our other ones a pitbull and she's so sweet too!!

    Thank you :smile:
  10. My little baby :heart: Leo look at that face seriously don't u wanna squeeze him!!!!

    I know he's. It that little not my fault soneoneeeeee at my house feeds him too many treats behind my back hes on a prescription car food diet but who knows how that's gunna go since he's refusing to eat it and it's costing mommy (me) about 300 bucks a month
  11. I love ginger tabbies, So cute!
  12. Thanks :heart: I love him so much :heart: I LOVE his spotting on his fur to vets say it to me all the time, like if you could see his back, its just so perfectly stripped
  13. Heres my little boy!!!