CL LOVERS: Lower Heels Thread

  1. I love!!! 70 mm is like the perfect height for me seriously!!!! I can't wait to get my first pair. I hope its sooooon.
  2. yay!!! It's started! Ok if anyone sees any glittart simples 70mm in any color in a size 37.5 or 38- PLEASE tell me!!!
  3. If anyone sees any of these shorter heels, let us know.

    It's hard to find these in my state.
  4. ^ agreeed
  5. Love all the pictures.
    It is great to find that the lower heels are available in so many fantastic styles.

    Thank you! The teal is a fabulous colour that pops IRL.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hope you find some VPs soon. I was sooo glad when I found these as I wanted VPs but wasn't sure I'd be able to wear the super high ones.
  6. I acutally got to try on the 70 mm Simple Patent in Beige yesterday!! Too bad the size was too big.

    But OMG, the heel height is perfect and the patent ones are so comfortable.

    If anyone wants them in a 41 in Patent Beige, call Saks Troy, MI and ask for Nathan.
  7. They have a bunch of lower heeled Ron Rons at Saks NYC right now in a bunch of beautiful metallic colors. I don't remember all, but there was a rich purple.
  8. I just bought the pixie booties earlier from Neiman's Troy, MI. They have both black and brown. It's selling out quick though so they had to order mine from the main warehouse (black in my size) and will have to ship it to me this week. Ask for Richard if you're interested. The pixies felt divine on my feet and would be perfect for the crazy snow here (no slipping!).:tup:
  9. These are the pixie ones available at NM Troy (in both black and brown - limited sizes left).

  10. I like your SN shockboogie! It sounds like it could be a crew's name on America's Best Dance Crew and congrats on your bootie.

  11. they're 85MM-I just got a pair-I'll post a picture as soon as I can.
  12. here they are:
    DSC00551.JPG DSC00552.JPG
  13. haha! thanks! i always tell my co-workers that we should hold a dance off at my work. hehe!

    but yeah, those booties were TDF... i wasnt planning to buy any shoes at all but when i saw it, i had to try it and then buy it! im sooo bad.....:rolleyes:
  14. those are beautiful!!!! hows their sizing?