CL LOVERS: Lower Heels Thread

  1. What a beautiful color! I was looking for a reference pic of a pigalle with a 90mm heel and stumbled on this. Love it!

    Pigalle pics are pretty hard to come by in this heel height it seems (and couturequeen's is actually 85cm) so it makes me wonder if Saks made a typo or perhaps not many of this style are made?
  2. I don't know for certain whether or not they are actually made in 90mm (it will say on the box), but Pigalles have been made in many differing low heel heights varying from season to season. I have seen them in 70, 85, and 100 and once on eBay, I saw a pair that looked to be even lower than 70 - it had a more curved shape rather than straight.
  3. QFT. In the short span of time between my post above and this one, I have seen many different heights, not just a static low, med, high & sky. What was I thinking believing that CL would limit himself to a few standard heel heights!?!

  4. These red Biancas match my car. love love love
  5. Bump!!
  6. Couturequeen your Pigalle 85 are gurgeous ;0)
  7. Yes, I have two pairs in 70mm...nude and black patent. They are very comfortable comparing to my other pairs.
  8. I agree! I have in black patent and i wear it all the time bc it is so comfortable!
  9. Hi ladies. I love the Simple 70mm and have beige and black. Are there any other styles that you might recommend in 70mm or 85mm (tops)?

    I like a round toe and a higher vamp to avoid too much, if any, toe cleavage. This is for work.

    Any advice you might have would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I have wallis with a 85mm heel. They're really comfortable. I think they're based on the simple so if you get on with the simple, you should find wallis to be comfortable too.
  11. You can get Ron Rons in 85 which seems like it fits your description.
  12. Hi! I did not even know these existed. I googled and saw Saks had them at one point. I don't see any being sold online currently though. I'll check with Christian Louboutin tomorrow and call them. I love these shoes. Did you get yours recently and are they the same size you take in the Simple? If CL in NYC has them, I will order them, so I'd love your input on sizing.

    Thanks again!
  13. Hello Hermosa_vogue! I searched online to see them and they are very pretty. I like these two in addition to Wallis... wow... two more choices. May I ask if you find the vamp in the Rons Rons higher or lower? That is, which shows more toe cleavage... Ron Rons or Simple. And which have more toe room and are more comfy? I am looking for a shoe with less toe cleavage. For some reason, I am turned off by the "squished toe cleavage look" on me... I don't find it looks elegant on me, but rather, it looks like I am wearing too-tight-in-toe shoes.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    I will plan to call CL, and I'm hoping I can get a Ron Ron in black and a Wallis in beige. Oh... that would be heaven for me.
  14. Unfortunately I don't own, nor have I ever tried on any Simples, so I can't really compare them for you. You might be able to google pictures of both to compare? Otherwise the Reference thread in the CL sub-forum can be quite useful sometimes.
  15. Great idea! Thank you. I am going to hit the reference thread right now! Thank you so much for your help.