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  1. I know a vet member had a pair. I don't know if there are pics tho.
  2. I believe they were released spring of 09. They were 6k+ Something like 6,295ish... you know typical cl numbers. But, I don't know anyone who had them and I've never seen them revealed on anyone other than Dita von teese. She rocked them a couple of times from what I remember. In fact, I think she wore them for her wedding to marilyn manson... with that FABULOUSLY gorgeous purple dress.
  3. Hi ladies! I need your help! I want to get the black un bouts but they are all sold out. I'm offered a pair in mandarin red but I don't know if I should get them and just dye them black? Or should I just pass on them?

  4. I love the un bout so much!!! I wish I can find them in my size in both color pink and yellow!!! I already tried to check Europe, Dubai, Australia but no luck at all. :crybaby: get them if you found them in your size your lucky !!
  5. That chick was on the millionaire matchmaker, she has issues lol, alot more then an ex after her shoes collection.
    I highly doubt he didnt know about a secret closet in his own house, i would think he probably didnt know the value of the shoes until the article about her shoe collection was released last year. I believe someone posted it here when it came out
  6. Wish me good luck while I try to score one of the pairs on my wishlist!
  7. I love this thread but need advice. I bought my first pair of CL, the purse forum helped me to authenticate the shoes, when they arrived they looked great except the bottom soles are more of an orange red then a candy apple red like my friend's. Could mine be fake? Or did Cl make slightly different red soles? They are still shiny and everything else matches up to the original but they are 4 yrs old and are the Iowa Zeppas. Has anyone ever seen a authentic pair where the red was slightly off? Any advice would be much appreciate!:biggrin:
  8. [​IMG]

    Hey :smile: yes I'm fine have a scrapped knee but other than that I'm fine! Ha I'm terrible I alway trip up when sober let alone drunk! Lol
    I've wrecked to many pairs of nice shoes now :sad:
    I'm the same the shoes are the first thing I check!

    I'm gutted cause if these were just dirty I wouldn't mind but its scratched the material off on both the toes :sad: and I've already tried to get another pair but everywhere is completely sold out now! :sad: gonna get the black & turquoise ones to make me feel a bit better! Ha
  9. Aww no :sad: Poor things!! They look so... So... Hurt lol. I really hope I never fall and mess up any of my expensive shoes! Good luck in your search!
  10. Can't wait for your reveal! I hope you can get these fixed by a cobbler. :cry:
  11. So this isn't dirt? I was thinking you can send them off to get cleaned maybe?
  12. I do it too ... Everytime it happens I have a really serious talk with myself and tell myself how I am not worthy of expensive things becaus I don't know how to take care of them and this will be the last pair I am buying for myself... :lecture:
  13. The red sole does slightly differ sometimes. I have noticed on some of my own shoes. You can always re-post on the authenticate thread with your own pics to give yourself piece of mind.

  14. There are different shades of red used for the soles of CL's. If you do a search, you can probably find something. I have seen it on here before. Good luclk!
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