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  1. hi, brintee, chelley, Duke, jan, moshi!!! did I miss anyone this morning?

    hope everyone had a great weekend! made a quick trip to NYC to see some shows. didn't have any time to shop though, so bummer.

    chelley - love the nude Biancas on you! gorg!

    Duke - so sorry to hear about your car! hit & runs are the worst. my first car ever, hit & run accident completely totaled the car. Luckily my niece & I were fine!
  2. Hi surly! What did you end up seeing?
  3. Hey Chelley!! Love, love, love your avy pic!:biggrin:

    Sorry about you UHG LV Duke. I can't wait to see your DVF!:biggrin:

    I'm so excited for you Brin!!:yahoo:
  4. Thank you jan!! :flowers:
  5. Hey Surly!! :hugs: I hope you had a great time in NY!
  6. hey surly!!! what did you see?!

    thanks surly & jan! :flowers:
  7. Oh yes, Chelley not buying any shoes right now. I got my Candy so honestly I am happy with those. I have the funds for the car, I just want to talk to the adjuster to see if it makes sense to pay out of pocket or use the insurance I pay monthly for!

    Did I tell you how much I love the nude on you?

    Plus I really want a new LV. Momma needs a new bag!

    Hey B, did you see this top is on sale? http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3083632/0~2376788~6002242~6007533~6007564?mediumthumbnail=Y&siteId=BolFSqx4S4U-19qWmMPBLigUytw0XMDlgA
  8. SURLY! I seriously missed you this weekend. :cry:
  9. :hugs: awwww, sweetie. I missed you, too! I'm around all week and weekend, so we need a face-to-face! ;)
  10. Duke, thank you :flowers: ah, that makes sense. insurance claims make me cringe... dealing with all that is so frustrating. i hope it doesn't end up costing too much -- just think, before you know it, you'll have your UHG LV on your arm. ;)
  11. We do, we do! :biggrin:
    Me too, I am resisting the lace Sweetheart pant on NAP. They are $86, which is in my budget. ;)

    Gosh, I know. I hate dealing with it, but unfortunately it is life. Boo.

    Why do I now want a Damier Azur Galliera!? :noggin:
  12. I did! My high school bestie and I went up for the weekend, so it was good to hang out with her. She lives in the area, but we don't hang out much just the two of us.

    We ended up seeing three shows: Fences, Memphis and Fela!

    Fences was amazing, of course. Denzel was great! Memphis was :huh: to me, but my friend and the audience absolutely loved it. And it won the Tony award, so what do I know! But Fela! was AMAZING! I'm still energized from that show! Just a completely different experience than your usual Broadway musical. I was shocked that it didn't win for Best Musical. Shocked, I say! :p

    She's a shopper, but doesn't support my CL or high-end shoe habit, so I only had about 15 minutes in Barneys before I got the look! She did try on the gold Hyper Prives and loved the plum satin Madame Butterfly pump. So I'll have her over on the dark side soon enough! :graucho:
  13. Oh my, I must stay away from NAP!! :p

  14. That sounds wonderful surly!!
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