***CL Lovers' GENERAL CHAT Thread***

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  1. I missed y'all yesterday. :shucks:

    Hey ladies!
  2. morning ladies!!
  3. Good morning y'all! :biggrin:

    Hey Moshi!!! :hugs: Did you have a good weekend? I did nothing as usual! :biggrin:
  4. hey jan - it was good, how was yours? i did absolutely nothing, lol..it was way too hot and humid!
  5. ^Tell me about it! It was 100 degrees here yesterday! :sweatdrop:
  6. i think it had to be about 90 here or something...it was unbearable...even my dog lola was inside and she loves to sit outside and sunbathe on the porch.
  7. Morning ladies :sunshine:
  8. hey b!!
  9. Hey Brintee! :smooch:
  10. Ok, I realize I may get shot in the a$$ for saying this, but I can't STAND how fall 2011 is displayed on the CL website. I want to see all the shoes, but it's damn near impossible the way it's set up with the floating shoes. Is anyone else frustrated? *runs and hides*
  11. Morning ladies! Someone remind me that I have to pay for the damage to my car and cannot shop on NAP! :noggin:
  12. jan - i wish i could even get on the site to see it.... who makes brand new laptops that DON'T HAVE FLASH?!?! and i can't exactly call IT and ask for flash to view shoes, lol!

    hey duke!! sorry to hear about your car
  13. Hey Duke! :biggrin: You need to pay for your car damages and CAN'T shop on NAP!! ;)

    I'm really sorry your car got damaged.
  14. Can you flat out just ask for flash (w/o saying why you need it)?
  15. Thanks ladies. It was a hit and run. Someone backed into it and scratched the front pretty bad. I am not happy about it. :mad:

    Can't you just download Flash Player on your own, moshi?

    I really want those python Pigalles. :girlsigh:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.