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  1. Hi ladies!!!
  2. noah, that sucks big time, especially with S working graves. i can't believe it will be an entire week. i'll be thinking about you and sending good thoughts out to you. bless your heart. ugh.
  3. Aw thanks guys!

    I feel like I have been in my own little crazy world for the past months and I really need an escape, I have had too many ups and downs...tPF is a great vacation from it all!

    Hi crazzee!
  4. how about a little vacation to oklahoma, noah? that's what you REALLY need! haha! after the in-laws leave, you're going to need a vacation in the worst way! :smile:
  5. hi noah! Hi yaya...

    it's been awhile since i entered the chat thread...anything new?
  6. Yaya, you have no idea how much I would love that. We are leaving the same day the in-laws leave to go see my mom before she goes to Spain to be with my sister for the next few months. You guys know how attached to Momma Noah I am so her being gone will be hard!
  7. oh, no! how long will she be in spain, noah? few months? girl, you're having some hard things happen in your life right now. i'm really sorry. :sad: at least you have your girls to keep a smile on your face. but still ...
  8. Probably until October. Hard things is very correct. My sister had a mastectomy last week.
  9. Oh, Noah, I am so sorry. I hope your sister is OK!!
    I am turning in now-goodnight, ladies. xoxo
  10. Goodnight rdgldy!! :heart:
  11. night, rdgldy. :smooch:

    noah, i didn't know about your sister. that breaks my heart. what is her prognosis? how old is she? any kids? i know she will be thrilled to have your mother there for a few months, so maybe it makes it easier to let her go? damn. i'm so, so sorry.
  12. Yaya she is 32, no kids. The doctors removed the breast and they said the three tumors were not too attached to any of the glands, so it was easy to remove (as far as cancer goes) She will start chemo in July. But my sister is a fighter and forever an optimist, so she is doing really well...cracking jokes about her fake foam boob. :heart:
  13. awww, noah, i'm just so sorry and it must be really hard that she is so far away from you. it's good that the tumors weren't too attached to any of the glands. i'm sure the chemo will be brutal, but again, with your mother there, i'm sure it will be somewhat easier. i know this has been extremely hard for your entire family. :hugs: please keep me posted.
  14. I will.

    ANYWAY...on to happier things.....How are those grandkiddos? Any great summer adventures with YaYa planned?
  15. the grandbabies are precious, as always! they've been here swimming almost every day and i'm loving it! the oldest will be 6 this month and the youngest just turned one. sophia just had her 5th birthday!! they're getting older and even more fun. i just adore them, as you know!! :heart:
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