CL lover - newbie

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  1. hellow girls,

    i'm a CL lover BUT i've NOT own any CL YET..

    anyway, i went to CL store in taka, singapore a couple of months back.. i just love the shoes! i mean who doesn't, right? :P if i could i'd want ALL of it BUT the thing is i didn't enter the store! sigh.. :crybaby:as i do not know how pricy are the shoes.. can anyone tell me how much an average CL shoe will cost? :confused1:

    i'd want to buy the mouche, passementerie satin peep toe and anemone bow pump..can anyone tell me how much these shoes will cost??
  2. Not sure how much they are in Singapore, but in the US, the Anemone retailed for $995 and the Passementerie was around $1200, I think? Not sure about the Mouche. The Mouche Zeppa also retailed around $995, I think. The more basic styles (Decollete, Simple, etc.) are around $600.
  3. They range from $500-4000 ($4000 being the crocodile skin ones). The ones you want I don't have the exact price but...mouche is about $900, passementerie is $1125 and anemone is $1200 (all sold out now).

    I would say the average shoe I buy ranges from $600-1400.
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    oh wow.. sigh.. i could never afford it UNLESS my hubby buys it for me.. sigh.. he'd go absolutely bonkers once he knows the price.. men.. they do not know why we love shoes so much..

    thanks anyway :smile:
  5. i finally bought my very 1st pair of CL yesterday!! hoooooooooooooray!! it's black no prive 120 patent :smile: i walked into the store and tried on a few pairs.. at first they let me try on a size 37 1/2 but it's too small as i've loooong toes.. so i tried on the 38.. feels a lil bit comfortable BUT the back is a lil loose.. i feel so frustrated.. coz all this while i've ALWAYS dreamt of owning a CL.. the SA told me that it'd take time for the patent to get loose and it'd be more comfortable if i wear it often..

    my question :-

    do u girls have any problem with the no prive? now the shoe is lil tight for me in front.. is it normal for a new pair of shoe? sigh...

    btw, i bought the shoe for SGD1250
  6. Congrats on your first pair! :smile: The SA is right; patent will eventually stretch with wear. It just takes a while.

    Do you mean that the strap is loose when you say that the back is a little loose? If so, you can get Strappy Strips or get the straps shortened.
  7. Congrats on your first pair!! Whooo
  8. Nicole don't worry you are not alone with that - I have exactly the same issue with VPs in particular to the point where I can't wear them :cry: my toes are long but my heels are thin so sizing down means toe-ver hang and sizing up means slopping heels! Some here conquer this problem with heel inserts and others just put up with it (and walk slowly!!) :smile: HTH

    Congrats on your first pair tho - first of many no doubt hehe!
  9. woo hoo :tup: congrats on ur new purchase! look forward to modeling pics!
  10. Congrats on your first pair! As mentioned, you should try Strappy Strips or other equivalent thingies that you stick to the strap to make them tighter; and if that doesn't work, have a cobbler shorten them.

    There are always sales online, including some great sellers on eBay so you don't have to pay full retail.
  11. congrats on your 1rst pair dearrr...i love NPs!
  12. Congrats on your first (but not last) pair!
  13. Congrats on your first pair!!!! Don't forget to post modeling pics!
  14. Welcome to the dark side! We will enable you until you're squeezed dry. :yes:

    Then you can check yourself in to the Center for the Christian Louboutin Obsessed (CCLO thread) and we will commiserate with you and support your efforts to resist buying.
  15. Hi Nicole
    congrats for the first pair ;) you have to walk over the orchard road with them :yes: