CL Louboutin Espadrilles Wedges

  1. Can somebody PLEAAASE help me. I'm a confused male:confused1:, and have NO CLUE about these shoes. I just want to be sure that they are authentic, as I believed them to be. Since I have listed them, one person has emailed me saying that the Espadrilles only come in full sizes? And...if they were to come in 1/2 sizes, it would say 37 1/2 on the bottom NOT 37.5

    I don't want to end up selling fakes to anyone, please HELP.
  2. There is an "Authenticate This" thread stickied at the top of the page. You will get a better response if you post there.
  3. Thanks, I'll try that too. Just looking to get a quick response as they are going to sell soon!
  4. i love anything that sparkles, so when i saw the glittery ones at Barneys i fell in love!
  5. they look authentic to me
  6. Thanks for your replies, anyone have a number I can call to find out?
  7. Where did you get them?
  8. They look fine to me. I have a number of CLs, and every style I know comes in full and half sizes.

    Finally, 37.5 is a half size, just FYI.
  9. Few questions/comments about these shoes you are selling. How come you don't know what the shoe says if you are selling them? Second, I believe those shoes in the auction to be fake. I won't say why, but from what I can tell they don't look right.
  10. Sorry, come again? I didn't say I don't know what the shoe says. On the bottom, the shoe is printed 37.5

    BUT....people have told me that CLs, if in a half size, will say 37 1/2 instead of 37.5

    I have about 90% reason to believe they are authentic, just want to boost that to 100%
  11. CL Espadrilles DO NOT come in half sizes. Call the boutique on Madison Ave in NYC. Sorry, but those in the auction are fake. The authentic ones, look different than the ones in your auction.
  12. Thanks, hope I didn't offend you...I was just looking for help as I'd hate to sell fakes to someone. Thanks for your help.
  13. If they are fake, I would recommend pulling the auction.

    The Espadrilles do not come in half sizes. Whole sizes only.
  14. Still not sure if they are fake or not, but I ended the listing anyways. I tried calling the Beverly Hills Louboutin boutique, but as soon as the women heard eBay, she said she couldnt answer any questions for me. I'm stuck.
  15. Legaldiva - most Louboutins do come in half sizes with the exception of the espadrilles. These espadrilles did not come in half sizes - this has been confirmed by many SAs. AND Louboutins would NEVER say 37.5, it will always say 37 1/2.
    Shishkabab - These are definetly fake. And it's scary that I have seen many fake Louboutin espadrilles on eBay lately.
    I think that Foxycleopatra should come and share her wisdom.