CL lizard d'orsay experience?

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  1. Is there a style name for this pictured? Does anybody have experience wearing this shoe? I've found somewhat of a deal on eBay, but I'm wondering if it's versatile enough (in color and style) to get.
  2. I don't think that this shoe actually has a style name - I believe it was just called Linen D'Orsay. I have it in the color pictured and navy blue and I love them. I wore these a lot last summer, they are very versatile and comfy.
    One note about sizing - they run TTS.
  3. I have the ones pictured above and I think the style name is Lizard Cipria Peep D'Orsay. Retail was $895+ and Barneys and the Horatio boutique had them. I saw the ones on eBay and I think they are a steal! I would suggest getting your true US size or only a half size up though as they ran large. I'm a US 9 and mine are a 39.5 b/c that's all I could find available.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar wore hers quite a bit and Sophia Bush has them in the gold satin version too! So, does SMG.
  4. lol, as I was typing Kamilla beat me to it. hehe
  5. Thanks, Kamilla850!
  6. Thanks, ashakes... I think I will get them!
  7. These were actually very limited and as Asha has stated, only Barneys and the CL boutiques carried these. They did go on sale but sold out quickly (I guess the original retail was a bit high for linen).
    I'm glad that you are getting them, I think that you will enjoy them.
  8. The ones on eBay are seriously for a steal. Grab it if you see your size. My size in that shoe is never available. The seller is so lucky that she gets all her CL/JC/YSL shoes from this specialty boutique that carried those styles and recently marked them down major-blow-out-sale style (and add in a sweet employee discount).
  9. So, I was supposed to hold out till end of Feb/ beginning of March to buy anymore...

    ... but...

    ...I just got them! :girlsigh:
  10. ^ Congrats, xnplo!
  11. Congrats they are really pretty I don't know them but they look really versatile and quite comfy for spring and summer.
  12. :yahoo: I just got them in !!!!!! :yahoo:

    THANK YOU everyone for your input and I'm so glad I took all of your advice!
    (Pics will be posted shortly in the *pics* thread... :tender:)
  13. So they are somewhat TTS??
    I have been wanting these forever now! I see them on ebay here and there and am afraid to buy them because I dont know how they size.
    How do they compare to other CL's?
  14. Like ashakes said, they do run bigger. My normal CL size is 36.5 and these in 36.5 is a little loose. For me, the tad bigger size is okay because it's more accommodating for my toe area. The lizard trim strap in the middle helps keep the shoe to the foot, so it doesn't seem that much gaping.
  15. I thought those run small and was about to get them! Good think someone else beat me to it!

    Maybe you can put a half insole in them to make them fit better.