CL leopard ponyhair pigalles

  1. does anyone know why one pair has more spots than the other. are these even the same style?
    Picture 276.jpg
  2. I have noticed this too on leopard pony hair CLs. I actually like that each shoe is unique.
  3. The leopard print on CL's leopard pony hair shoes is *supposed* to be different from shoe to shoe (just like Roccia python print, which is also diff't from shoe to shoe). Even on a single pair of CL's leopard pony hair shoes, the left and right foot aren't really supposed to match. I have seen in the same shipment of leopard pony hair CL's at a boutique that some come with darker spots/prints and others have lighter ones (or fewer spots). The general leopard print "pattern" is still undisputedly CL though. I definitely prefer it being unique that way!
  4. So babyb0o, to mix it up, you should mix up those two pairs and wear one of each, mismatched... :yes:
  5. So which does everyone prefer?
  6. I like the one with the denser pattern of spots.
  7. The dense ones for more formal wear; the less dense for casual, like jeans.

    I don't know why... That's what they're telling me. :whistle:
  8. I think I agree. I like the less dense, I guess becase I'm picturing wearing them with dark denim...