CL Lastics

  1. I know another tPFer said they went up one size... anyone else have any sizing experience with them?

    I definitely don't plan on wearing thick socks or stockings with them.

    Also, has anyone seen them for sale at a retail store website (not eBay) in tan?

  2. i think the ones i have are camel.. just slightly darker than the above.
    i went up half size but never wore them :rolleyes:
  3. I went up a whole size and should have gone up 1/2 more. They are very odd fitting. Try them on first. I've never seen the tan ones in stores. Since they are from last year I think you'll have a hard time finding them.
  4. I almost got these--I went up 1.5 sizes--possibly because of the internal platform. I ended up with the ruched style, but I did really like these!
  5. Last season's Lastics did not have an internal platform in them. Has the design of the shoe changed?

    I owned a pair of Lastics for a brief time. I was never able to bring myself to venture out of my apartment with them, so I ended up selling the shoes.

    I had to size a whole size up in this style. The front of the shoe is very narrow, and the toes get squished up in the toe box area because of the slope on the shoe. I can wear 5" heels without difficulty, but there is something about the way that this style is cut that makes it extremely uncomfortable and somewhat difficult to walk in. No matter how hard I tried I wasn't able to distribute my weight very well between the heel of the shoe and the ball of my foot. Since all of the weight was in the front of the shoe, I felt like once I got outside, I would feel every little pebble or bump in the ground because there was no cushion whatsoever between the sole of the shoe and the surface I was walking on.

    If you want a bootie style I would go with the ruched bootie over the Lastic. I haven't heard from one single person who had a good experience with the Lastic.

    Good luck.
  6. Eek! Thanks for your input, guys... I'll steer clear of these. I was just so attracted to them because they totally look like jazz (dance) shoes - LOL. I have a wide metatarsal, so these would be hell, I think.
  7. all I have to say is, DON'T DO IT. these shoes are the most uncomfortable things on the planet, there is something seriously wrong in their design. I don't know anyone who was able to actually wear them.

    and I went through 4 different pairs to find the perfect size so it wasn't a sizing issue.
  8. if you decide to go for this seasons ankle boot "metallica" try and find an actual metallic one such as silver specchio. they look amazing.
    and yeah, agree about the Lastics. Mine will probably be put on eBay soon even though i love them!!!!!!
  9. At least one size up from regular european size. And love them to death, but yes, it's true: Lastics are certainly not all that comfortable. :crybaby: They are the boot version of CL's decolletes, so if you're uncomfortable in those, these are even worse because of the tightness around the ankles.

    But they have one hell of a silhouette! :yes: