CL ladies.. I miss our happy cozy community

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  1. ok, so over the past few weeks a few things have been occuring on the forum that have been causing me some anguish. First of all, I love this sub-forum, its home for me, I am here almost ALL DAY and will continue to be no matter what.

    However I come here to read about CL shoes, CL news, to see lovely new styles and to hear your love for them I really dont want to hear about your pyschotic behaviour, your inability to manage your finances , I dont want to see your 'faux' CL shoes , I dont want ladies bickering about a truly wonderful contributor to our community who has been MIA last 24 hours because of this, I dont want anyone trying to win our love by being a 'poser' and faking a CL collection, I dont really appreciate that you are out of control and are unable to feed yourself because of your shoe habbit and I dont particularly think your are going to get any constructive feedback if you post 15 CL purchases at a time....

    Am I the only one to notice all this? Do you know what I am talking about? If I am out of line or out of place I am sorry it just for my love of this place.
  2. Your totally right! I guess some people feel just have to prove themsevles.
    Who knows...people are weird. No matter what you say, it cant change them.
    BTW...fake CL collection? I guess I missed that one?
  3. I certainly dont want to change anyone god forbid! I just want to know if people have noticed that things have been kind of 'low' lately. The 'Fake' Collection has certainly happened I am afraid.
  4. If you see fakes anywhere on TPF you can report it. Seriously, fakes are not tolerated. It's not just for purses. Please report it -- you'll be doing us all a favor! :tup:
  5. wow...there is a fake collection? that is beyond crazy to me...
  6. Missed it as well.
  7. then I guess its not as simple as I thought it would be. Some of your favourite TPF-ers are not as honest. If its not obvious to you I will shed some light over PM.
  8. Yes, I've noticed. Hopefully it will be a 'phase' that passes... :yes:
  9. Please do! Im very curious & upset.
  10. i'm with you sister. no fake CL's or posers allowed!
  11. I think you should talk to the mods! I don't want to gossip about people -- allegations about fakes on the forum are very serious. They need to be handled correctly so that no one gets hurt.
  12. Your totally right!
  13. If you notice in my original post its really not only about the fakes ... its a little more. In any case I guess I was just trying to be brave and make a point. Plus I want Foxy to come back.
  14. Leda: I noticed everything you're talking about as well and I completely agree. I haven't been on as much lately because of these things as well. I also miss Foxy. I saw a pair on ebay yesterday and wanted to post a link on the authenticate thread but then I thought to myself, foxy isn't here and she's been so helpful with authenticating and sizing issues.
  15. ok i don't know how this will be taken- i know some of what you are referring to (well, not the fake collection, i must have missed that) but this thread itself makes me a little sad. as a newish poster here- who knows if you're talking about me in some way. i was involved in the foxy thing and i really like her but i didn't realize when i started posting that she was the seller in question. and even though she's a great poster and contributer here- why aren't people allowed to voice their opinions about sellers? what if the seller in question wasn't a boardie. would that have been ok to talk about then? i am really just asking. i don't want foxy to leave but i think it was an ok conversation to start.

    anyway i guess i'll lay low in case any of that was about me. i get that this forum is growing but isn't that nice in a way? to have new people to share your cl love with?
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