CL La Donna Mary Jane Pumps

  1. I'm thinking of ordering the La Donna Mary Jane Pumps from NM. I was looking at the pictures and it seems that the style is similar to the Decoltissimo pump?

  2. I forgot to include a picture
  3. Here's a few pics of mine:
  4. Thanks for the pics efusik! They look so cute on you!
  5. efusik, those MJs are HOT!! they definitely look much better on you than in the stock photo
  6. oh my they look so cute yet hot! i would get them when i come out to work for sure! ;)
  7. Thx ladies. They are so comfy too!
  8. I like them!! I also like MB style of mary Janes, but I think the higher strap on the CL's would be more flattering.
  9. Ohhh, I was thinking about ordering these haha... what a coincidence! :p
    efusik - They look fab on you! :nuts: If you don't mind my asking, how does the sizing run? I wear a 38.5 in simple pumps, decollete's, etc. so I wonder if I should get that size, or a half size smaller? :confused1:

  10. I agree. They look beautiful on you!
  11. They are beautiful! Get them Honu!
  12. I always thought the La Donna Pumps were very elf-like and too pointy but, damn efusik! I want a pair now! :drool:
  13. I have them, too, and they run big compared to most CLs. I wear a 36.5 in most shoes, but a 37-37.5 in Louboutin, and I have them in a 37 and wish they were a 36.5
  14. That's good to know that they run big, I have small feet and the size 5 would be too big for me then.
  15. I have No Prives in a 36, and the La Donna's are a 36 as well.

    At first I thought they were a little too big but they fit just right, seeing that my feet tend to swell a little.