CL insole w/o "Paris" ?

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  1. Are the insoles in the new styles without "Paris" printed on them now?

    I was browsing through the Barney's website and noticed that this insole is different.
    CL insole.JPG
  2. I have seen it in past styles too.
  3. So have I.
  4. I have seen the insole both with and without Paris, in both past seasons and current seasons.
    Also, sometimes the photos used on websites are samples so the same attention to detail is not included in the product.
  5. It all depends on what the store buyer picks. They can order the insole with or without "Paris".
  6. It's for sure around currently - I have a pair from Barneys that does not have the Paris on the insole.
  7. That's a relief. I thought there was something wrong without it saying "Paris."
  8. ^ Me too, until I started seeing some styles IRL. I knew they were real of course, so I just assumed they ordered different types of insoles.

    I love the sequined prives! So cute