CL in SF

  1. Tomorrow, the 20th, Christian Louboutin will be at the San Francisco Neimans from 1-4pm!
  2. Great, thanks for the info. I'll be in the city tomorrow.
  3. Sucks for me as I won't be here. :sad:
  4. Mann!!!! I Really Want To Be There!!!! Damn Work
  5. Did anybody else from here go? I got there at ten minutes to one and waited for over an hour to have my moment with him. I was happy that he took the time to chat with everyone. He was so kind, gracious, and sweet. I have gone to other meet and greets (for actors and musicians) and no one else has given as much individualized personal time as Monsiour Christian Louboutin.

    I wish I had taken more pictures of what was going on, but my camera's battery died. I loved how the models were set up in the shoe salon.

    Pic #1 Male model helping change the female models Pigalles.

    Pic #2 My friend wanted a picture of what shoe Christian Louboutin himself wears.
    CLmodels.jpg CLownshoes.jpg
  6. Dh and I stopped at the shoe dept. for a few seconds and saw the line. Too bad couldn't stay, dh was starving:sad: Glad to hear you had a chance to meet CL, Lavender.
  7. Shopping and standing around in line can work up your appetite. My friends and I had a late lunch at the Rotunda after we checked things out at the Shoe Salon. I can't even imagine how long people farther behind me had to wait.
  8. I met him! I got there at around 1 PM and there was a small line, just from the Prada to the Jil Sander. I had a lot of fun peoplewatching in line. I saw a lot of pancake makeup, too much self bronzer, etc. I also had fun watching what shoes people were wearing. My mom succumbed and got a pair of serafina flats (she just got brocade manolos last week!) and also got them signed. I waited just over an hour and a half to see him. Enough blabbering, on with the pictures!

    Models and SHOES!

    Monsieur Louboutin descends from the escalator like a god.


    I like the male model's expression

    From my "Who the heck would buy this?" file.

    A rather poor shot of my graffiti flats.

    Me and the man himself.

    Again :smile:

    It was wonderful meeting him. He took time to talk to everyone. I was a little starstruck at first - my mom had to tell me to take my shoes off! but he was genuinely nice person to talk to. He said I was very tall for a 17 year old (I'm just over 5' 7") and at some point, I said "Merci" (I speak fluent french). So we started speaking in French, he signed my shoes "Pour Erin" and also signed a page in my notebook. His US Sales manager gave me her business card after I told them I was a photographer and interested in pursuing that later on in life. I forgot to grab pictures of that and my shoes, but fear not. I'll take care of that this week :smile:.
  9. I am in the background of one of your pics! And, I remember seeing you when I was in line. Your graffiti flats caught my eye! I wanted him to sign my shoes in French, but alas, he wrote "to" and not "pour."
  10. Which shoes did you get signed? Where were you in line and when did you get there? :smile:
    (I had a feeling I'd inadvertently capture another tPFer!)
  11. I was in front of the Prada boutique. I got my bezehelmuts signed.
  12. you girls were so lucky!!!i wish i didnt have to go to vacaville last saturday..
  13. Thanks for the photos LavenderIce & ColdSteel! :flowers:

    Haha, love that you took a photo of the infamous pink cowboy booties.. (I still think they're fun)

    Glad to hear how gracious Mr. L is in person and congrats on meeting him! :shame:
  14. Edrine, what were you doing in Vacaville? Couldn't that be postponed? It's Christian Louboutin!
  15. I was surprised to see the pink booties. :confused1: Butterfly, no words can describe how kind he was. I think he made a point to make each person go there feel at ease. He was even joking around with me. He told me not to use his heels as weapons. :lol: