CL Identification

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  1. Hi,

    Does any one know which CLs these are?
    CL Red Snake.jpg
  2. Hi,

    Sorry to seem inpatient but surely some one must know?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Does no one know?
  4. I wish I did, they're really cute! Did you buy them?
  5. No, but have been offered them. Need to find the model and original price to determine if the price asked is reasonable.

    I am trying to find these details before I lose the chance to buy them, so any help is very much appreciated.
  6. What was the price? they are not familiar to me so I am assuming an older model.
  7. Hi ledaatomica,

    The price asked is the Pound Stirling equivalent of around $270
  8. that is definately a good price for CLs especially since the material looks like its exotic and its retail would be $500+. You wouldnt find CLs for this price unless they are used on or just a good sale. I personally prefer CLs with a higher heel, this is for me the appeal of the brand since I am a heel loving gal, I wouldnt care for paying this money for shorter heel as such. However if this would appeal to your wife then I say go for it.