CL hunting....what is this shoe called

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  1. I will try to find a pic. I saw a girl wearing them this weekend and I feel in love. I hope they aren't too old. The are suede looking camel colored closed toe, wood platform in front and a thin wood heel. Does this ring a bell?
  2. Maybe the Decolzep? I would take a look in the reference library to see if there are any pictures of the style you are looking for.
  3. sounds like bruges? or mzybe delcozeps?
  4. ha ha snap laureen
  5. i will go check ref library now. a member here has something close to it in her pic but I am not sure if it's okay to reference another member or not.
  6. ok this is the most similar i could find, except is what closed toe, suede looking, and i am pretty sure the inner part of the foot was exposed.

  7. I know what you're talking about but I don't know the name of it :sad:
  8. if you were a tpf-er wearing them yesterday(at the car wash) help me out! : )
  9. Was it a round toe? Pointy?
  10. not a super pointy toe but pointy for sure

    ot congrats on all yoour posts lauren, i saw the other thread! you're awesome!
  11. Sounds like Decolzep to me.
  12. ^ the pics i found of it don't look the same. Thanks for all the input, I am off to kick myself for not asking her!
  13. Hm, the Gwennissima, maybe?
  14. Maybe these?

  15. ^decollete zeppa i think