CL Horas or any other work appropriate heels?

  1. Do these fit true to size, and are they comfy? I am trying to find "the perfect pair" to wear to work every day (I work in a corporate office and have to climb up four flights of stairs to get to my desk). Would these fit the bill, or any suggestions on what will? I know CL makes traditional pointed pumps/slingbacks but I wanted something with a little more flair, even though it has to be traditional black. :smile:
  2. I like the pigalles and you can get them in a 70mm heel that is quite "walk friendly" . I also like the new corta simple pumps on and of course the very prive in all black if you can wear a peep toe.
  3. I second the pigalles and VP. The pair that everyone has- simple pumps, is great too. They are super comfy!