CL Helmut...HELP Me Find Them Please!

  1. Im dying to find the Helmut. I found my size at Neimans one day but I decided to be good and I didnt get them. Now im kicking myself in the butt for not getting them. I want them in black in a 38.5. I found one or two on eBay but dont want to pay close to 800 when I could have had them at around 600. So if anyone knows a secret place I can get them, I will love you forever! :yes:
  2. Are you looking for basic black leather? If so, I know that the Madison Ave CL boutique had them a few weeks ago. I saw them on display approx 3 weeks ago. Give them a ring and see if they are still available. I will probably take a walk over to the CL boutique today so if I see them, I will let you know. I think that is a classic shoe that they always carry so if you can't find it now, I am sure that they will be getting repleneshmint soon.
  3. Yeah, the black patent pops in the San Francisco NM every now and then. The key is to go there consistently, or try having a SA order it for you. If you have a SA that you are close to have them put aside your size and ship it to you or call you when they come in.
  4. I want either the blk patent or leather is good. I saw them at NM Short Hills, NJ about a month ago, but ive been away so I havent seen them since. Ive been thinking about them ever since I left the store that day. So now I want them even more than I did before. haha Thanks for looking. I called my SA at NM but he was on vacation, so ill have to check back in to see if he is back.
  5. I have been interested in getting a pair for a while too. I am really curious about the sizing though. I heard that the shoe runs big and that I would need to get a full size down from my Louboutin size. Has this been the case with Helmut owners here?

    Also do the Louboutin stores just stock them in black or do they get different colors each season?
  6. I was on waiting list for a long time (CL boutique NY) and then one day I call the CL boutique in California and they had them! So, I recommend calling every place that sells Louboutins. You may get lucky!

    ledaatomica- they run really big. I usually wear 37 and got a 35.5 in this style.
  7. Stinas - I saw these shoes at the CL Boutique on Madison today. They had black leather on display.
  8. Kamilla or anyone else, do you know how much they retail for?
  9. Thanks Kamilla850!!! I really need to go by there soon!
    I think they retail for around 600. They do run big. I usually wear anywhere from 39-40 and I tried on a 38.5 but needed a 38.
  10. I think that they are $560.
    These definetly run big, mine are 1 full size smaller than I normally wear.
  11. I just ordered a pair from the Madison boutique! I cant wait to get them :yahoo:

    funny thing is the SA I talked to told me that the fall collection was already up on the louboutin site... is something wrong with my computer I dont see anything changed :push:
  12. I have the leopard pony hair helmuts, and I went almost a full size and a half down.

    I usually wear between a 39 and 39.5 and I got a 38.

    Good luck & post pics when you get your pair!
  13. I finally got mine today!


  14. ledaatomica - Congrats!! The Helmut's are truly TDF. Are yours the 4"/100mm version?...or a shorter heel (3-3.5 in) version? I couldn't tell for sure from the photos as they look (from the photos) shorter than 4 that the case?