CL heel question.....look and compare..thx

  1. Hi,
    I've recently purchased these CL yoyo..but i noticed the heels on these were different than the other yoyos....i like the heels on the nude yoyo they still make heels like that? i noticed the ones in black below are thinner and doesn't last as long..any1 know where i can find heels like the second one (nude ones)??? thanks.

    [​IMG] thinner heel

    (sorry, had to borrow picture from eBay seller for reference- which is not me)...
  2. CL has different types/shapes of heels (sometimes even for the same heel height, the heel shape can be different). Personally I'm not too fond of the heel shape on those 3-3.25" Yoyo's (the ones Saks has in black patent or the notorious black suede ones that NM had mis-priced). If I have to splurge on a pair of shoes I want the heel shape to be **perfect**, not just "nice" or "cute."

    The best heel shape CL makes for peep-toe's is the straight heel on that nude patent one pictured above; it's the same type/shape of heel as the Very Prive/numero Prive's. Those nude patent ones are sold-out and very few stores got them to begin with. There are a few sizes on eBay though that you can check out (what size are you? Note that for many peope it runs a bit small/narrow). Personally I like those even better than the Very Prive's as I think the no-platform version might be longer-lasting, more classic in the long run.
  3. i'm a size 6.5 and i got the black ones above in 7 which i haven't worn them yet..bc the problem are with the heels? do u know if they're going to come out with heels like the nude ones above? i did search eBay and non of them are like the ones above..* i want the black color ones with the nude heels' if that makes any sense....
  4. Pwecious - are you looking for the same nude patent leather Yoyo that is pictured in the second photo? If so, call Saks in NYC immediately!! I tried to get that shoe months ago but unfortunately they were sold out in my size. The only size they have left (as of Saturday) is a size 6.5 and 7. Get them now, that shoe is great and they are a reasonable price ($560 I think). Everytime I go in there, I have my SA check the stock room to make sure that a few didn't pop up, but unfortunately I've had no luck.
    If you'd like, call my SA Bobbie at 212.753.4000, she is a great Asian lady who can help you and she knows CL shoes pretty well.

    I am so envious of you if you get that shoe. I had to resort to placing a special order through the CL boutique - paying a 20% upcharge and waiting 3 months for it. But believe me that shoe is so worth it.
  5. Pwecious - I think that Saks actually does have the black patent leather yoyo with the straight 110mm heel. I know they definetly have the nude patent leather in your size, and I think they came in black also. It is a perfect shoe in a classic style, good luck finding it.
    If you don't find it, you can always place a SO through CL like I did. It will still be cheaper than getting it through Ebay.
  6. sorry to ask a stupid quesiton..but what is SO?? thx...
  7. SO is special order. You can place an order for custom made shoes through the CL boutiques. You can choose any style from their collection, customize the heel height, leather, color, trim, etc. It takes about 3 months to get your shoe, but you are getting the exact shoe that you want.
  8. Do these run TTS or do you have to size up?
    I have seen these at the Saks in Beverly Hills as well.
  9. wowo...can i special order it at saks or neiman? or does it have to be at the CL boutique?? thnkx. and does it cost more?? thx
  10. HSL - I think they run a bit small (maybe 1/2 a size).
    Pwecious, unfortunately you can only SO through the CL boutiques. It does cost more, about 20% above the retail price of that style. I am not sure how the price is calculated for exotic skins.
  11. :drool: At the nude yoyo.
  12. Actually, special/customs orders at CL boutique is not that simple -- they don't guarantee anything even if you pay up-front and it's certainly not applicable to all styles. A couple of years ago (when CL was still a cult-favorite brand) special orders were very very reliable but with the expansion of the brand & significant increase in factory production, a lot of times SO's get cancelled (or worse, in some instances, messed up). I know ladies who want to get wedding shoes SO'ed by CL are told up-front (if you get an honest SA) that they can't guarantee anything -- product or completion date, so don't count on it 100%. Of course if your order gets cancelled, you'll get refunded.

    SO's are produced separately from the regular orders (orders placed by buyers from stores) and as such sometimes quality/worksmanship is a big gamble as they don't have the exact prototype in place and quality control isn't the same with large-sum/bulk orders. Sizing is another issue as CL shoes, even for the same style, can vary in size/fit depending on the batch/factory.

    There are some shoes at CL Madison Ave. boutique that were SO'ed by VIPs but ended up as non-sellable -- the craftsman at the factories messed up the last of the shoe & the heel height, then added a portion, painted the heel instep red to cover up the mistake (still discernible if you look closely and/or your SA points it out), and still sent them like to the boutiques.....the client saw them and couldn't accept a product like that, and so now the product is for sale to the general public at 10% off. So sometimes SO's come out perfectly, sometimes it can be a big disappointment.....really up to the luck of the draw.

    I have two styles in mind that I wanted to SO but ended up convincing my SA to order it for the store; he said that way there's likely better quality control/consistency in place.
  13. ^^Foxy, we must have the same SA because that is exactly what I was told. However, my SA did mention that since the shoe I was ordering was a basic style (nude patent yoyo from your photos above) that I shouldn't have any issues with it. I'm crossing my fingers that is the case (and that I get it soon) because I think that it is a great timeless style.
    I heard a story about a woman that requested a SO through CL (don't know the details about the style) but the special request was to have the bottom of the sole painted baby blue instead of red, for her something borrowed, something blue piece. And instead she received a blue shoe. Oops...
  14. Foxy - :s That's good to know... Thanks!:flowers:

    And, if anyone needs to SO them, it's me, considering the fact that my size is so difficult to find! :sad:
  15. I have to say thanks to Kamilla, because of her info in this thread I now have a pair of the nude Yoyos to add to my collection. I am addicted to the CL nudes!

    Butterfly--why would you have to special order? What is your size?