CL heel liner problem in Rolandos

  1. I have never had a problem with any of my heel liners in my collection. That is until now. I received a pair of red Rolandos from Saks NYC, tried them on, and when I was taking them off, the inside liner stuck to my toes and peeled off! I was a bit dismayed from that, so I called Barneys SF to see if they had a pair in my size. They did not have a red, but instead had a navy available. I went there to try it on and the same thing happened! The SA brought out another pair and I was relieved that the problem did not repeat itself. I have tried on numerous CLs (including other Rolandos) and have never had that happen.

    The SA said it was easy enough to glue and that he would glue my CLs if that were to happen. I asked for a discount, but they said it wasn’t a defect. I am worried about this happening again down the road to my rolandos and other shoes. I am on such a losing streak with CLs lately.

    None of my brand new CLs have liners that look like this.

    The wrinkled liner that peeled off at the toes:


    The wrinkles extending from the toes to the heels:
  2. Lavender, this has happened to every single pair of rolandos I have. I have no idea why it happens but it has never happened to any of my other shoes, only on the Rolandos. I am sure that a cobbler can easily glue the pad so that it doesn't come out anymore.
    I am getting kind of tired of all these QC issues with CL shoes. I heard that new factories have been used recently (the past year or so) because CL was focused on creating the fetish collection, and therefore the original factory was used mainly to create the fetish collection. I normally don't let this bother me but I feel that these silly problems have become more and more common recently and it's rather disheartening considering the money we spend on these shoes.
  3. I have experienced this exact problem with other recent Louboutin models as well -- i.e. the insole liners lifting up after just a few wears. It is disheartening how their quality control is going down hill. I truly hope CL headquarters take note of these issues and try to rectify them soon b/c these are the types of problems that could well cause a new designer brand to slide down hill.....and I say this even as a long-time, ardent CL supporter. After all, there are some other "new kids on the block" in the high-end designer shoe market and what's hot now might not be the case two years from now (so I'm trying to think through my purchases more carefully now and am buying less for sure). I can't believe I'm saying this (maybe it's due to quality issues? maybe it's just I'm getting older/maturer?) but lately I've been eyeing more Manolo Blahnik's (found a few MB's that finally fit my feet well and a few MB styles that I actually like)....word on the street amongst seasoned SA's is that MB shoe quality is noticeably better than CL's (and MB's surely have survived the test of time, which CL has yet to prove)....I guess I'm beginning to cheat a bit on CL with MB now.
  4. I was wondering if it happened to anybody else since the Rolandos, especially the red ones happen to be in a lot of people's collection. I am relieved that it has happened to somebody else because I was thinking the problem lay with me--that my foot sweat was so sticky that it was powerful enough to peel the liner. lol On a serious note, it is disheartening for these occurences to be happening with increased frequency, particularly with the rising costs of these shoes.
  5. I still think that the man and his team of designers are genius - they create incredibly beautiful pieces of art. But they need an Operations person to step in and either source better factories or reduce production so that the focus is more on quality rather than volume.

    Considering that CL is one of the most expensive brands amongst high end shoe designers (much more so than MB and JC), one would think that the quality would be far superior too. I understand that we are mainly paying for the ingenuis designs but quality is an important factor as well.

    This is starting to remind me of what happened with Balenciaga a few years ago - the quality difference between Bbags 5 years ago and today, is night and day. Now that Bbags are readily available through numerous channels because of increased production, the quality has severly suffered. I hope that this does not happen to CL as well. Let's just hope that people that matter in these companies actually peruse these message boards, or that these QC issues are actually being directed to the main offices.

    I do agree that MB shoes are better quality, but the designs are so stagnant and I have not been attracted by any styles in the past few years. I still love CL shoes but I agree that these issues need to be addressed with the top.
  6. I agree with everything Kamilla said above, I adore the creative genius, but perhaps it is time to have some techinal folks step in to make sure they are functional as well. I only have one pair of Rolandos but this happened to them on the first day, which was a bummer and I have not been able to find a cobbler to get them to stay down, they have tried and it has worked for a wear or two but then it begins to creep up again.
  7. My Saks SA put in a request in the search locator to find me another pair. I will try to get it cancelled or return them as the problem will most likely happen to another pair. I happen to like the way these fit. I suspect they were the display model because of the sticker on the bottom or a return because the patent seems a bit softer than other ones I have tried on.

    ITA with all of your statements about QC.
  8. I have only tried on the Rolandos I ordered and they are too big. But they didn't do that at all and don't look rumpled inside either. Might be different if I'd actually worn them though.
  9. ok really sorry to hear about this problem... if its any consolation I love love love this style but I cant for the life of me find a shoe that fits properly and I have tried all sizes possible.. its too big/too small.
  10. My red Rolandos haven't done this. It will anger me to no end if it happens to them. We pay far too much for these shoes for them to have so many QC issues.
  11. It's disheartening that this happened to your rolandos. I just ordered the red patent rolando from my SA at NM, and am worried about this happening to them as well. I have a pair of bronze rolandos, but haven't worn them yet.

    I too am torn over this. I love CL's simple, sexy and creative style. There's something ingenius about the red sole that makes his shoes so striking.

    Nevertheless, I have had my fair share of quality issues. Now that CL has increased its prices and availability, it's frustrating that these issues are happening with greater frequency. I think their operations have rapidly outgrown their quality department and something should certainly be done to address these issues.
  12. Yup, this has happened to mine, too. :tdown: (but, only one so far)

    I wonder why it's limited to the rolandos (or is it..)
  13. Just happened to me with 2 of the CL I ordered, none of which were Rolandos. Very disappointing!
  14. Which two did it happen to? I hate to think this is now the norm.
  15. No Prive in Tiger (remember, I got 2 sizes? I kept the smaller size w/o the liner problem) and the Matador (also the left foot was squeeking when I walked).

    Lavender Ice - I'm truly disappointed with my CLs. As you might know I ordered several pairs (different styles and sizes) and almost half of them came to me damaged with different issues! The Architek I got was brand new and it came with a small stain on the heel w/c looked like dried glue (I may have posted a picture in my thread with the outfits). It's frustrating!