CL Heel Disaster- Need Advice PLEASE!

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  1. Hello everyone! I have recently become addicted to CL heels. My bag funds have become CL funds and my collection has grown at a fast speed (for me anyway). I own 7 pairs, but have only had the chance to wear 2 so far and now to the problem...

    The Yo-yo pumps heel totally fell apart the first time I wore them and I was very careful, walking lightly on smooth surfaces etc. The leather part of the heel seperated from the shaft and the rubber cap had metal sticking out of it! I returned them to NM and was given a new pair. This pair has not been worn yet because the leather is already pulling away from the shaft and I think I need to return them ASAP to avoid the same problem happening.

    The second disaster occured with my Eventa heels. The first time I wore them they were fine. Yesterday I took them out for a spin, again being super careful, even more so than with the Yo-yo's because now I am nervous. When I took the shoes off after minimal wearing and walking the heel on one of the shoes had started to "accordian". The best way to describe it is the rubber cap is the finger nail and the leather is the cuticle. The leather/cuticle is getting squished into the shape of an accordian. It looks like the rubber cap is pushing against the leather and making it shrink up the shaft of the heel.

    So my question is, has anyone ever experienced this? Any advice? I adore CL shoes, but for the price I feel like this is absurd! I am honestly gentle with them as they are like works of art to me. I have the following shoes unworn: Python Very Prive, Python Simple Pumps, Yo-yo pump, Eventa Purple Suede, Rolando Bright Blue. Should I return all of them? Do I perhaps walk in a way that is not CL friendly? Any advice would be appreciated as my heart is broken right now! Thanks in advance and sorry for the epic and long post!
  2. With my La Donna Mary Janes, after only about 15 wears the rubber wore down and the metal nail was poking through. I slipped and fell on the slippery floor of the airport and I can't tell you how embarrassed I was. Since then, I have purchased a few CLs, but I mainly stick to MB now :smile:

    I did take the shoes into a cobbler and had the plastic part replaced, but I'm pretty terrified of wearing them all the same. They're in great shape, but I just have bad thoughts about them now... maybe I should sell them on eBay!
  3. LOL Mich327- i totally fell at an airport once in a pair of blahniks, completely breaking the heel! I feel your pain :smile:

    Irishpandabear- I've had the same troubles with my CLs. The heel is so delicate, I think of them mainly as indoor shoes...I always try to focus my weight on my tippy-toes and hope for the best. Good luck!
  4. Irishpandabear -- I know exactly what you are referring to with the yoyos. The heel is beyond delicate and they are still waiting to be taken to the cobbler. The rubber heel lift started pushing into the red on the heel, causing the red on the heel to completely lift away. It didn't matter that I babied those shoes when I noticed it was happening. By the 4th wear, the lift was worn down to the metal part and almost caused me to have a few spills in the lobby of my office building. No matter how fabulous they look, I have completely avoided CL's styles with the delicate sculpted heel for this very reason.
  5. oh no is this a common problem I'm dying fo rmy first pair of CL's but I'm having bag issues and I don't think I can handle shoe stress on top of that
  6. I bought a pair of brand new, perfect CL yoyos at Saks Off 5th EXCEPT that the heel had the problem you were talking about - the rubber fell off and you could see the metal underneath - which means this happened when someone tried them on! But, I must say, I own two pairs of Decolletes bought straight from the boutique and this didn't happen to them, and one survived an outdoor wedding and reception.
  7. This is very disconcerting. I don't own the yoyos, but I was very interested in ordering them from Saks. Now, I'm having doubts.
  8. I am suprised to hear about this...I too have had problems with CL shoes but I think that I abuse my shoes because I wear them frequently and I do a lot of walking.
    If I recall correctly, the yoyo pump that you had the problem with was the $280 yoyos from, correct? I think that those shoes were doomed from day one...the heel on that shoe is extremely thin and delicate. I can understand that this happened.
    Your second scenario has happened to me also but I think that it happens to all shoes, I've had this happen to shoes other than CL too.
    I think that you should wear your shoes and not worry about it too much. Perhaps take them to the cobbler first and have them re-sole them and reinforce the tips or lifts? I would not return any of the shoes that you have.
    Believe me, CL shoes are very high quality shoes. Of course there have been some recent QC issues, but overall the quality is superior to most other high end designer brands.
    Keep them and wear them! They are shoes at the end of the day so they are bound to get scuffed and damaged, but the cobbler can usually repair them to like new condition.
  9. really sad to hear this Irish. I have about a dozen pairs never had a heel problem yet I am pretty rough with my heels, I go clubbing in them, walk long distances sometimes in wet weather and in general dont treat them delicately at all. This is in my opinion what shoes should be able to withstand and if they cant then I wouldnt wear them or waste my money on them. I have read on the forum about some CL quality issues but I would say dont give up on them yet. I would suggest having thicker heels, do your own shoe maintenance (cleaning etc ..), put clear shoe insoles on all your shoes they help take off the weight from the heel , I use scholls or footpetals and as Kamilla says check in with your cobbler for more intricate maintenance and repair.
  10. I was away for the weekend, but came home to all of your lovely responses! I called CL in NYC Horatio street and they were very helpful, but explained that the shoes are good for about 10 wears and then anything can happen! She mentioned that they are very delicate (which I know) and that you just have to roll the dice, some will go the distance, others will damage more easily. I was surprised at her honesty, but really appreciated it! So I guess I will have to decide if I am okay with the possibility of them getting destroyed even if I am being careful. They are like a Catch-22 for me: I find them to be the sexiest, most beautiful shoes on the market, yet they are perhaps good only for indoor use. Sigh, in a perfect world! Thank you everyone for taking the time to give me advice as this has been a hard choice, I will let you know what I decide to do.
  11. That's so disheartening. I can't believe that CL can not ensure better quality than that; I literally can not believe that. I've never heard of such things happening to heels that cost under $100. This is beyond me.

    But, Mary Kate and Ashley have a lot of CL shoes that they were quite often, none of which I have ever noticed looking like they were falling apart. :shrugs:

    (Thus is why I am content being a man.)
  12. 10 wears, are you serious!? Was she talking about the Yoyo in particular or all CL styles? I can't imagine all being good for only 10 wears. Then again I don't wear mine a whole lot. The only problem I've had is with the heel lifts on my Iowa mary janes. They wore down to the nail after come to think of it, about 10 wears! At first I thought it was only the right one so I had only that one replaced. Then the next time I wore them the left nail was poking through the plastic heel tip. Arg!!! I haven't had any other problems but I'm going to be very careful from now on.

    I'm really sorry to hear the problems you've been having with CL shoes. I hope your luck turns around with the next pair you wear!
  13. i don't wear my CLs a whole lot either cuz they are better to look at than worn. they are so darn uncomfortable! i guess for 4+" heels how much comfort can i expect?
  14. I'm sorry but that is awful. People pay upwards of $500 for a pair of CLs...I have $20 and $30 non-name brand shoes that have lasted longer than 10 wears. Part of the reason why I buy expensive brand name things is becuase I trust that the quality is better if I'm being charged a hell of money for it, and now I am just disheartened. That's really stupid. They should make BETTER shoes that last a hell of a lot longer.
  15. I am sorry that you have had problems with the two CLs you have worn. I think you should keep your other fabulous CLs and rotate your use of them. I do not think you need to be extra careful with them. I buy my shoes to wear and live my life with them not to have them sit in my closet unworn and unseen. I did find myself being careful when I first started wearing them, but I think if you have that nervous energy you just bring forth damage to your shoes. I am not saying they deserved to be damaged, but you know, what you put out in the universe it gives it to you.