CL Graffitis...

  1. ....Pigalles and me don't mix..
    So, today I find the gold graffitis in a Very Prive....and, they don't have my size.. :cursing::s

    Any thoughts on these?
  2. I personally dont like the graffiti prints :nogood:
  3. Not really my cup of tea; personally I can't imagine spending that much money (even on style) on a style I'll get tired of in like a day. I'm not a fan of the graffiti print CL is putting on the Very Prive's, Pigalle's, Clichy's this season.....but to each their own.
  4. I didn't like them at first, but now I do after seeing them a couple times.
  5. I think that this is a trend that you will tire of very quickly. I love the graffiti print, especially on the VP, but do you worry that you won't wear the shoe after the trend dies down? Especially for CL prices!
    Don't get me wrong, I tried on the green satin graffiti print VP and fell in love with them, but I just couldn't justify spending $800+ on a shoe that I will only wear a few times over a period of maybe 3-5 months. I was very tempted to purchase them a few weeks back when they were on eBay for about 1/2 price through reginacloset, unfortunately that seller hasn't been listing in a while.
    If you love them, then go for it!
  6. I agree with Kamilla, they are cute but very trendy. IMO they are a CL shoe that will not stand the test of time.
  7. The only graffiti style I liked was the Mrs. Boxe. I tried it on and thought it was fun to funk up my style. However, it was not something I could pay full price for.
  8. never liked it. Dont think its going to last really
  9. not my taste at all, but then again I really dont like graffiti in general so why would I want it on my feet!
  10. I like them and the idea but they dont seem very professional to me, so work is out, and besides work how many people wear a shoe to something more than a handful of times?

    They are cute though, I just can't imagine anyone getting their 800 bucks worth from this shoe.
  11. I would not recommend paying full price for CL's graffiti line. I think you will get tired of them too quickly and regret your purchase. I suggest that you wait to get these on sale.
  12. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, I know, you either love them or hate them, this shoe.

    I also may be biased to this design because I grew up around graffitti art, but I completely agree, these pumps are by no means classic in design, but they are incredibly FUN!

    But, the question is, is this FUN worth $900...haha. Maybe not, but I have to admit at least they are one of a kind..

    Thanks for helping me see all sides... I can be an impulse shopper at times..
  13. Butterfly,

    If you're still looking for the Louboutin Graffiti Prives, I stopped by Footcandy, a boutique near my work and they said they're expecting a Louboutin shipment any day now. I would suggest calling them and reserving your size. As you well know, they go fast! One of my favorite SA is Brianna, and she'll be sure to help you out. Their number is 925.937.3668. Good Luck!
  14. Footcandy in St. Helena already had them in when I stopped by on Tuesday. I wasn't captivated by it and I love the very prive style.
  15. I love the Graffiti line, but the heels are a little too tall for me. I have the black graffiti flats and love them.
    I just love they way they all look :heart: