CL glitter pumps.. should I?? Good deel??

  1. ladies!! I found a pair of CL silver glitter pumps on sale for $295 regular price was $525. I tried to get the image but the site would not let me as they are copy writed. They have an 8, which is my size in simples so I think they will work. No returns on sales.
    I have a pair of Moschino Cheap and Chic gold glitter peep toes that I love, so I think a pair of silver CL would make me VERY HAPPY.
    What do you think?? Should I go for it?:girlsigh: Think the size would work?? I wish I had a picture, but I think you can get the idea. They are a pointed toe, 3 inch heel. Very chic.
  2. i'm usually a half size up in CL's!
    i'm desperately trying to find the black glitter open toe CL's and I can't find them ANYWHERE!! :sad:

    (i've seen them on JLO)

    maybe you should get them and if they don't fit you can ALWAYS resell them!
  3. Yes, my normal us is size is usually a 7 1/2 allthough I do have some 7's. I took a 38 ( 8 ) in the simples. Do they sound hot and classy??
  4. you can't beat the price and i think it's a fun/beautiful evening show! it may not seem classy to some ppl but i always opt for unique/sexy shoes and these are it! post pics when you get them!
  5. ^^ wow those sound hot...where did you find them may i ask?
    would love to see if they have size 35 =)
  6. Purse n boots. They only show an 8. I just happened to find the site doing a search for Yo Yo pumps. They are very classic in the cut so I think they will be a holiday/party staple. Heck I will wear them to Christmas Eve Candlelight Church service with a black dress!:tup:
  7. I'm still finding out my sizes on CL. I'm a 6.5 in tennis shoes and 7 in simple pumps. It seems that I am 7 in CL....It sounds like the 8 would fit you. Buy it! It's a good price.
  8. If they were full price, I would say don't get them. But on sale! Definitely get them. I haven't seen the closed toe pump version in many places, so I also like that they are unique.
  9. Wow I hope some one else gets a pair! I think for that price they will be a whole lotta fun!! I got them off Purse N Boots and they were the one and only pair. Thanks for posting the pic!!:tup:
  10. Seeing them on eBay, they are a glitter pony hair, not so much real glitter, but still a fun shoe. I do not think I will regret having them I have paid much more for shoes of not this quality.
  11. Would you wear the silver pumps? I hope I won't look like I have tin foil wrapped around my feet waiting for a signle from space! I can hear hubby making that comment!! LOL
  12. I had to laugh at your comment! You know what DH said about my Nude Architek? He said it reminds him of Band-Aid! :lol:
  13. wow, what a great deal! i think i know which ones you're talking about... be sure to post pics if you decide to get them!!