CL Glitter Platform Slingback

  1. Does anyone know if these come in all silve or all gold. Just thinking the multi color limits what the wardrobe. But then again. Either way I like the shoe. What are your thoughts.

  2. Thanks. I like them all. What do you think of the confetti?
  3. I like them, but I don't think I will be investing in them at this point. There are a few others I have pre-ordered so those take precedence right now. Maybe if I can find them on sale, which may be hard to do, but oh well.

    Plus, I have two pairs of Foxtrots in diff. colorways so I think those will fulfill my love of all things shiny for now. ;)

    I think they have been selling well though so pick them up if you want them! I recently heard that a bride picked them up for herself and each one of her bridesmaids! One of my g/fs better get me some CLs when they get married. :roflmfao:
  4. I have to land on a color. I'm the type that would get all three! I have no self-control.
  5. that shoe is like wantie
  6. I got the multicolor glitter with the silver heel. I actually find that the multicolor gives you more options as it picks up a range of different colors that may be in your outfit or handbag. I wore them to a wedding with a black dress, a pink wrap and a pink Chanel classic flap bag w/ silver chain (i had the hardest time trying to figure out a bag to carry with these as I don't have any simple silver clutch or evening bag). The pink glitter in the shoe picked up on the other pink that I was wearing. I chose silver vs. gold because my bags tend to have silver hardware and my jewelry is usually silver so I figured I'd get more use out of them. Of course if I had the loot, I'd likely get gold also but I would get the all gold version since I already have a multi in the silver.
  7. They are so pretty, but like Ashakes, I have other shoes on pre-order that I cannot consider those as well. Personally, I shy away from the multicolor because it's too flashy for me. My taste is very simple, probably even boring.
  8. I'm not too keen on the multi coloured one but I ADORE the silver & gold ones!
  9. LMAO That's exactly how I described my style to an SA once. I just tend to pick classic things usually that I won't get sick of. Here and there, I will buy a trendy shoe, but it just depends.

    The glitter is trendy, but you know what everybody deserves a splurge! I remember seeing blkladylaw's pics a while back and they looked FAB on! I think any one you chose would look great, but I would personally probably choose the all gold or all silver as well.
  10. Decisions, Decisions! I think I will go with the multi-color or silver. Still thinking about it. Do the multicolor come with a silver platfom?
  11. There's a thread from a little while ago that might have pictures of it. For some reason I can't remember the color of the platform for the multicolor one.
  12. Yeah, I tend to favor the classics, but I like to punch it up a bit with the color. At least that's the plan after I round up my collection of classics.
  13. the multicolor glitter comes in a silver heel and toe area and also with a gold heel and toe area