CL foxtrot--sizing ??

  1. I have the Mlle Marchand white mesh slingbacks in 39 (the black suede VP in 39, too).

    Do I need to size up a 1/2 size, or is a 39 going to fit?

  2. legaldiva - I think that the foxtrots are actually pretty true to size. I generally wear a size 8 US. In CLs depending on the style, I go from 8 - 9.5. My VP are a size 9 and my foxtrots are a size 38.5 and 39 and they suprisingly fit pretty much the same. Although I prefer the 38.5 because they are just a bit more snug on my foot and don't make that loud flap sound when the shoe seperates from the heel of your foot which is one thing that I hate about slingbacks. I think that you will be ok with a size 8.5 or 9.
  3. I'm a US 11 and the 42 foxtrot fit true to size on me. I can't fit any CL 41 or 41.5 at all. I tried on a 41.5 foxtrot at Neimans and it was too heel hung over the edge.
  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm just drooling over this shoe on eBay ... hopefully someone buys it before I abuse my cc yet again.
  5. I wear a US 9.5 and in CL I wear a 40-40.5.