****CL Forum users: EVERYONE PLEASE READ****

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  1. #1 Sep 19, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012
    Hi everyone, Mods and Admins have been receiving numerous reports lately about this forum as things seem to be running off the rails.

    We really try to keep the forum from being overmodded, but in order to do so,
    we need everyone to respect the rules (as they are there to protect everyone), use appropriate threads for your discussions, and be kind to your fellow members.

    Please keep our threads free off-topic chat, so they are useful to everyone. You may find it harmless, but others will have to work harder to get the info they are looking for.

    Also, even if you have been around a while, refresh yourself with this great thread:

    We don't want to come down on anyone, as we know you all have lots of great input, just please offer it in the appropriate places. When in doubt, use the CL General Chat Thread.

    If you have questions about the rules you may ask a mod or consult the feedback dropbox.

    Thank you and happy CL-ing!
  2. Well said JetSetGo!

    Agree completely.
  3. :urock: Thanks for this, Jet!
  4. :woohoo::goodpost:
  5. .
  6. :true:
  7. :back2topic:
  8. Ditto!
  9. Thanks for this Jet! :wlae:
  10. D.i.t.t.o!!
  11. :bump:
  12. :goodpost:
  13. Jet you are so classy!! :winkiss:

    Excellent post!
  14. Thanks JSG!