CL flats, comforatble?

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  1. Hi CL ladies,
    I am so unexperienced with CL. . .I LOVE CL but I really just never wear heels, so I have not been able to justify a purchase yet.

    Anyway, my question is does anyone have a pair of CL flats? There is a pair on NAP right now that I would love but since I have heard that CL tend to run a little narrow, I'm hesitant. I have narrow heels and then the ball of my foot is kind of wide. I have Miu Miu and MJ flats that I think fit well, can anyone relate?

  2. Ack, how embarrassing, I spelled comfortable wrong in my title! Sorry!
  3. I have them and I think they are very comfy. I put some of that moleskin inside by the toes which made it even more comfy. I'll post pics later.
  4. I have two, and they are very comfortable once they were broken in. Invest in some Blister Block.
  5. Here are pics of my flats. I had them re-soled with the Vibram soles too.

    I also agree with do need to break them in first.
  6. I tried on some nude coloured espadrilles today. Too small. My toes were trying to poke through. No half-sizes and the next size up would have been too big.
  7. I have a pair, but I do not find them to be super comfortable, only moderately so. However, I prefer my Lanvin flats over my CLs.
  8. I have the graffiti flats in black/white that are alright. They'd be more comfortable if the big bone right below the big toe on my right foot (wtf is that called?) didn't get pinched occassionally. I'm hoping that with wear it'll just smooth itself out (the shoe, not my foot).
  9. ^That is exactly what I am concerned about.

    This is the pair I am considering:

    They look like they might cut right into that part of my foot:sad:.
    Anyone have these yet?
  10. Yup, that is where I have pain with these shoes.
  11. For your consideration... How about this pair of black flats? It's not as pointy-rounded in the front...

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