CL Fishnet Pumps

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  1. Ok, so the thought of fishnet/mesh generally scares me big time, especially on shoes, but I have seen the Louboutin Fishnet Marchand on some of you TPFers and I thought they looked better ON and actually looked sexy.

    So, that being said, what's the opinion on these? Any of you have them? Plan on buying them? Or, running far far the other way? Is this shoe a yay or a big nay?
    CL Fishnet Pump1.jpg CL Fishnet Pump2.jpg
  2. That shoe is a big yay for me. Love everything about it. Very sexy imo.
  3. I like them as well.

    Any of you who have these, we'd love it if you could post photos of you wearing them :flowers:
  4. LOL I should get mine by tomorrow, if not Monday. I'll post pics if I can. My camera is :nogood:. But, I'll TRY. hehe
  5. i really like them. i'd love to see photos too!
  6. FOr me it's a nay beacause i just saw a pic of a Rihanna wearing them and her toes looked all smooshed in the front and it looked kinda gross.
  7. LOL Can you find the Rihanna pic? I'm intrigued now. Maybe she went 1/2 size too small? haha
  8. i'll look for the rihanna pic but i think it was in the new people style watch. Otherwise i will get my bro to scan it for me tonight. Maybe hers were to small but it looked like he foot was just slipping forward like it does in heels and it got smooshed. If urs don't do that then u should keep 'em for sure.
  9. I think they are really cute!
  10. I don't know if mine are going to do that, hopefully not! :p If you can find the picture, that would be awesome! Thanks. :smile:
  11. I agree with you. I saw it in the People Style Watch magazine. It's a nay for me too. Found pictures of Cameron Diaz wearing them also (

  12. Edit
  13. thats what Rihannas look like too. They look gross.
  14. Good sleuthing! Thanks. Yeah they aren't looking so good on her. I went with a bigger size than I normally would, so I'm hoping that helps. If not, I guess they are going back.
  15. ashakes,

    Did you get the 4", or 5"?