CL Experts - Bruges vs Decollete

  1. I am thinking of getting my first pair of louboutins, and have been scouring eBay to get a feel of what is available.

    I want to get the round toe pumps, but the bruges and decollete looks the same.

    What is the difference between to two and what do u recommend?

    i want to wear them as a day shoe with lots of walking... Are these shoes do-able??

    Or should i leave them to the celebrities??

    many Thanks
  2. Kasumi - I recommend the simple pump if you like round toe pumps. I find them very comfortable, I can walk around them in all day long and not feel anything at all! I do not recommend the decollettes, they kill my feet but they are very sexy. I don't know about the bruges because I don't own any.
  3. Bruges is a little more round toe than the decollete, which is not really round toe.

    Simple is the most round toe of all.
  4. Each of the shoes mentioned in this thread can be versatile, worn during both casually and dressy for day and night. If you're looking for a round toe pump then the simple pump would be a good choice. The bruges also has a round toe, but has a platform. The decollette is not a round toe pump, but if you're looking for something sexier and worn more for evenings, then it is a good choice. I don't have a simple pump (yet!) but I do have the latter two and I would recommend the bruges for daytime wear.
  5. Well ... what did you decide? The Simple is online at, I think.