CL espadrilles!

  1. I finally got a pair of CL espadrilles!!! I am soooo in :love: with them! I was in Vancouver this weekend and I went on a major spree (atleast I have never bought soo many pricey items in one day before!!). So here are pics of my shoes. Hope you guys like them! I didn't have time to take pics of all the shoes I own, but I hope to take pics of them all one day soon and post.
    CL - Front - edit.JPG CL - Front 2 - edit.JPG CL - Front Zoom - edit.JPG
  2. i love them!!!they're cool:cool:
    and 'oui' and 'non' is a great idea!!!congrats!!!!!!:love:
  3. oooh! I am sooo jealous!!! What beauties!! I'm just dying to get my cL Espadrilles!

    Congrats! they are fabulous! & so fun!
  4. thnx guys! and they are surprisingly comfy to wear! Hope you find a pair you love soon ParkAvenuePrincess!
  5. they are lovely!
  6. Love Them!!!
  7. thnx!!
  8. OMG those are adorable! I love them! Congrats :flowers:
  9. Thankyou! :biggrin:
  10. Oooooooh very pretty!!! Can i ask how much were they??
  11. They are super cute
  12. Hey!

    They were $350 before tax.
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