CL Espadrilles

  1. i'm thinking about getting these CL espadrilles on bluefly:


    i've never tried anything like this on before, so i'm wondering how comfortable they are, and how the sizes run. i'm usually a size 8 but wear 38.5 in CLs -- would a size 8 work for me, or do i need a size 9? thanks!
  2. Those shoes are really cute. I just got some really similar to that with black suede.

    They are moderately comfortable. Those probably more so than mine, since my heel is higher.

    You are probably going to need a size 9 in these shoes, depending on how wide your foot is.

    I normally wear a 39 in Manolo's but I have to buy a 40 in Louboutins.
  3. I have two CL wedges, both are pretty comfortable. Some people say CL's run a little small, but I find with me they run true to size.
  4. Everytime I wear my CL wedges for more than 3 hours, I get blisters. But they're so pretty, I just bought another pair! :blush:
  5. Chloe, did you ever pick these up? I have 3 pairs of CL wedges/espradrilles, and while one is more comfy than the others, they are all pretty comfortable.
  6. I have two CL espradrilles and they're the most comfy CL shoes. They run true to size for me too.
  7. cute!
  8. These are so pretty!!!!

    I'm considering the same one, but in light purple. Do you girls think that lavender is versatile enough to match black,brown, and white handbags that I have,.... or is it too colorful???

    I'm also thinking of embellishing them with some purple rhinestones (on upper ribbon part) but not sure if that will ruin the louboutin look or not.

    Any advice is appreciated! :biggrin: