CL Espadrilles. TTS??

  1. I know they only come in whole sizes so I have a question.

    I am a "true" 9.5 and I own CL peep toes and they are a 40.5... Do you think I'd be able to wear a 10/40 in the espadrille?
  2. You would have to try them on. I'm a 7.5/37.5 and tried to go up with a 38 and they were too big. In CL espadrilles I go down to a 37.
  3. I wear an 8, and have a pair of 8.5 Pigalles. I got a pair of espadrilles and the 9 wouldn't even stay on my foot because it was so loose. The 8 is a teeny weeny bit tight, but nothing uncomfortable. I would say try it on in the store.
  4. I always wear a size 6 but for the CL espradrille I had to go down 1/2 a size. I would go to the store and try it on first.:tup:
  5. I had to go down half a size as well. Just try it on at the store to be safe.
  6. The esparilles only come in whole sizes. I'm a 9.5 and I got a size 9 and they fit nicely.