CL Espadrilles pls help :)

  1. does anyone have this style:


    do you think it would be hard to make outfits with these style? -- what could i wear them with?--

    does anyone have a picture of these on with a pair of jeans? i don't want it to look weird if i wear jeans with these.

    thanks in advance!
  2. [​IMG]
    here's Carmen Electra!!!
    i think they look good on her!:nuts:
  3. everything looks good on that woman! *envy* haha

    do you think these would look ok with LONG jeans? i don't have jeans that come to my ankle.
  4. hahaha
    i think they would look good with longer jeans...i'll try to find something else...wait a moment...
  5. can't find anything...sorry:sad::sad:
  6. I tried on the black pair in Saks the other day. They're very cute and comfortable, and I think they'd look good with the right pair of jeans. The only thing I didn't like about them is that I ended up with a lot of toe cleavage, and I didn't like them enough to spend the $$$.
  7. HEy!

    I have this in a similar style, I actually just got them this weekend. They are black, but the only difference is that they have some writing on the front part. One shoe has "Non" the other "Oui". But I find them very comfortable and I can wear them with pretty much anything (despite the writing). I wear mine with Jeans, pretty much any long pants, denim skirts..honestly they can go with alot of stuff and are a good summer investment. Once I take pics, I will post them.
  8. I was just thinking of getting the gucci version of this shoe and I was wondering the same intention would be to wear them with long jeans.....I don't see why that would look strange!
  9. thanks for all the advice :smile:

    sappho: the only think that holds me back is b/c the shoes are long and my jeans don't have super big flares so i worry that it'll look weird in the front (cause it'd be all scrunched up) --hope that makes sense haha--
  10. adorable. How much are they?
  11. These are my CLs and I find I have a lot of toe cleavage too! I've worn them with longer capris or ankle length pants. Also, sundresses.

    The Chanel ones I wear with jeans, tunic and hippie earrings and they look great.

    If you don't have any espadrilles I would say go for it - you won't be sorry!
    loub.jpg espadrille.jpg