CL dustbags?

  1. Hi Blackbird,

    Yes, I would be interested. How many do you wish to part with? How much would postage to the UK cost?
  2. ^ my understanding is that they are not the same person.
  3. onlymoda is DEFINITELY not the same person as moda-da who's based in Europe (the latter, a.k.a. monaco-babe, is a notorious it and you can find out more)
  4. Oops sorry! I knew that moda-da had numerous fake names so I assumed this was one of hers as well.
  5. You know what? I ordered a bunch of shoes from Saks and some didn't come with dust bags.
  6. ^ did you contact Saks and ask them where the $#^&)*#@^*% are your dustbags? They'd probably get replacements sent out to you!
  7. Blackbird, you are not allowed to sell in tPF. Check out the rules.
  8. Nah, some of the shoes are going back anyway. I only ordered a bunch for sizes. Also, I don't use the dust bags. I just keep my shoes in their boxes.