CL Drapanova Shoes Too big for my wife's feet


Nov 12, 2007
Hi Squeak,

I'm affraid not, the Drapanova does not have a strap so when she tries to walk in them they just slap, slap on the soles of her feet.

I have also bought a second hand pair (ex. CL Paris Press Office) of Palace Zeppa, in size 39. They have not arrived yet but I do hope this pair fits, if not :crybaby:
Well I bought some heel grips and 3/4 length insoles but both the Drapanovas (Euro 40) and the Python Palace Zeppas (Euro 39) are still too loose for my wife's feet. So with much regret I have had to put them onto EBay.

Its a great shame because Karen, my wife, said the Drapanovas were one of the most comfortable feeling shoes she had ever put on and she thought the Palace Zeppas were absolutely stunning.

The good news is that the Cravatouzas and the cork Marcoils are fine.