CL Drapanova Shoes Too big for my wife's feet

  1. :sad: I am GUTTED.

    I bought a pair of dark brown suede CL Drapanovas in size 40 for my wife. Most of her shoes are a size 39 and the general concensus on this forum was to size up 1/2 to 1 size. So I thought a size 40 CL would be OK.

    I'm especially gutted as I think they are one of the most gorgeous shoes I have seen and I am only a fella! I have since realised that my wife's size is actually 38.5 but she often buys the 39s when there are no half sizes available.

    So the Drapanovas are too big, enough to get one of her fingers down the back of her heel. I am still surprised as it would appear that, given suedes tendency to stretch, they are actually TTS!

    When she tried them on she did say that, apart from the fact they were too big, they did feel extremely comfortable.

    So I am now stuck with the wrong size shoes. I know this is a long shot, but if any one out there has just bought a pair of 38.5/39 suede Drapanovas that are too small for them and they need size 40 maybe we can help each other out.

    My other option is to place them on eBay but that does not help me find a replacement pair in the right size.
    Brown Drapanova 1.jpg Brown Drapanova 2.jpg
  2. oh no! ok well i am usually a 38 but bought a 38.5 in the palace zappa which are similar to those. i also can get a finger down the back, but i still wear them! i can put them on and off without opening the strap but it doesn't seem to matter, so maybe she could still wear them?
  3. would a heel liner help? they're like half inch adhesive pads you would slide right between your heel and the back of the shoe. always helps me if the shoe is half a size too big...
  4. so sorry to hear, if she is originally a 38.5 then a 40 would be a little big for sure. Well at least now you know her true size! How about trying an insole or heel grips would any of those work?

    How about the Cravtouzas ? do they fit her better?
  5. ^ yes!! you could always send them to the cobbler and get the heel grips / liners custom made like i did with my very prives, they are very good! trust me, you don't have to sell these gorgeous heels away!
  6. Hi Squeak,

    I'm affraid not, the Drapanova does not have a strap so when she tries to walk in them they just slap, slap on the soles of her feet.

    I have also bought a second hand pair (ex. CL Paris Press Office) of Palace Zeppa, in size 39. They have not arrived yet but I do hope this pair fits, if not :crybaby:
    Palace Zeppa 1.jpg Palace Zeppa 2.jpg
  7. Hi Rainyjewels,

    Affraid not, the gap is too big for these to help.
  8. you have a brother whos single???

    the thought of a man buying me christian louboutin shoes sends my heart racing hahah!!!
  9. Hi Ledaatomica,

    We have not tried insoles but the heel grips will not overcome the problem on thir own. I thought that insoles might show too much as the shoes are open along their sides.

    The Cravtouzas (size 39.5) are a little big but heel grips will work fine on them :sweatdrop:.
  10. they are the ones i have and i wear them a half size up, a little big but they should be grand

    so to digress but how did you get them from ec Paris Press Office???
  11. Perjan,

    Yes, I do have a brother but he does not have money to buy CLs after spending out on his wife, three daughters and a son. Sorry ;)
  12. They were bought from a French seller on eBay. Apparently, the shoes came from the Louboutin press office and were used for several photo shoots. I paid $288 for them, plus $20 postage.
  13. good news for the cravtouzas. How about using clear insoles? I always use those. Please give it a shot.
  14. We will get a pair and try them but I am not holding out much hope, especially as the suede has yet to be stretched with wear. Thanks, I appreciate the advice.
  15. wow good value! i love those shoes and i am sure your wife will too