CL drama at work...

  1. Today I'm at work standing up talking to another co-worker. Someone walks by and looks at my feet and said "ooh I like those, those shoes are gorgeous". Couple of other people came to look at what she was talking about and gave me compliments on the shoes. No one knew that they were CL's. Might I add, they were the same ones I wore Friday with jeans. I wore them with a skirt today, but everybody acted like that was the first time I wore them. Anyway, another co-worker of mine comes out of no where and asks who designed those shoes. I told her Christian Louboutin, and she was like "who?" Then she said "oh that's the guy who paints underneath his shoes red and charges alot of money." She asked me if I paid more than $100 for my shoes. I looked at her strangely and nodded yes. She stood there waiting for me to tell her exactly how much I paid. I started to walk away and she said, I hope they were a gift and that you didn't pay for them. As if I couldn't afford them. I told her I don't need someone to buy me shoes. I can buy whatever shoes at whatever price I want. That's why I have a job to support myself.
    The nerve of her.
  2. That is so rude of her!! I hate it when people judge me because I buy nice things, and then they try to make me feel bad for spending so much $. They are just jealous!

    After Oprah's show tomorrow, a lot more people will know about Mr. Louboutin's lovely designs. We need wear them and walk proud. :tup:
  3. Argh, forget them! Sound's like old-fashioned jealousy to me. Yes, some women aren't into the shoe thing, but that doesn't give anyone the right to judge how others spend their money. For instance, I'm not into jewellery at all, but I dont think it's strange that people spend hundreds or even thousands on one piece of jewellery.

    Your story reminds me of an incident with my sister-in-law last year. She somehow came across my eBay account, she recognized a purse I was selling and ever since I get the feeling she's been "stalking" my account to watch what I buy/sell. I've bought CLs off there and recently I was wearing them and she said "Are those the really expensive shoes with the red bottoms?" infront of a group of people. I said "Yep, they sure are!" and she said "I cant believe how much people spend on those things! It's such a rip off!" She thought I'd be embarassed, but I was just annoyed at her rudeness.
  4. That girl sounds like a jealous bee-yatch. You need to take her outside and do this:

  5. I'm pretty sure it's just jealousy. If she really didn't care about shoes, she wouldn't make the comment about how much your shoes cost. In LA I see more girls with CL's and I feel better because no one will judge me whether I spend $100 or $1000 on a pair of shoes. Just keep wearing your shoes work hard for them!
  6. It's so funny because I'm the only one that wear CL's on my floor. Like you said, I work hard for them and I will wear them with pride!
  7. I get this all.the.time!!! But truth be toldI work with people who I will day aren't as educated as I am and I don't mean book smart just take the initiative to know MORE... well I wore some today and they go how did you get the sole to turn red LOL Then they ask me how much they cost and where they can get them... I in turn say the price varies but they can get them at Neimans or Saks ... get this one girl says we should have know with your bougy(sp??) ass Wth???? Where did that come from????

    Girl let it slide because don't you just feel fab in your loubies???
  8. What a beeyotch.

    I've work my CLs to work and people have always complimented them. Although they do sometimes ask how I can walk in heels so high.
  9. That is unfortunate. Continue to be the fashionista that you are regardless of what a few jealous busy bodies think. :tup:
  10. They are just "haters". Don't mind them. We understand why you would want to wear beautiful shoes from Msr. Louboutin.
  11. Oh please, she's probably on the computer googling "Louboutin" as we speak. Jealous!
  12. LOL to that!! So true:roflmfao:
  13. Hey hun, those women are jealous that they don't have the luxury of being exposed to/indulging in some of the finer things in life! Enjoy ALL of your Loub's and next time she or anyone else says some stupid bullsh*t like that, leave some red paint in their :censor:!!!!
  14. Some people will always make a big deal about what you spent for something, whether it's shoes, a bag, a car, whatever. I hate when people do it, but that's life. It makes me uncomfortable. It's all in what you want to spend your $$$ on though. My friend's husband just spent $1200 on a lense for his camera, which I would never do, but hey, I have spent that on shoes, which I'm sure he'd never do.

  15. You are so right; it's all relative. My husband spends lots of money of guitars. He has like 13 expensive electric guitars. Why does he need all those??? The same reason I need 13 expensive pairs of CLs! LOL