CL don't fit me!!

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  1. I don't know if its just me but CL are made very small and narrow. I'm a 40/41 depending on the designer but even in a CL 41 I can't get my foot in it.:cursing: Does anyone else have the same problem? Do they carry styles that fits a bit bigger?
  2. You probably have a wide foot. Most designers are about 3 1/4 inches wide. I think the biggest size in CL is 41. Maybe try the open toe versions?
  3. oh no that sucks. I love cl's. Holt's has such a good collection now too.
  4. shoot. that really sucks. the first time I bought a pair (off net-a-porter, and on sale), they were too small for me, and only then I found out that you have to go up by half a size. but seeing as your size is 41, that may not be an option for you, unless you go the made-to-order route. keep us posted! : )
  5. yeah! ever since they got rid of Brown's (their old supplier) the selection has been fabulous!

    for publicity at the Bloor St. location, there was a giant "shoe" tree that rose all the way to the second/third floor!

    : )
  6. Louboutin boutiques carry up to size 42. However, since it is a larger size, they don't stock too many and buyers at each boutique order at their discretion, so you might want to ask your SA to order the larger sizes specifically for you.
  7. i know i was so excited when they got rid of browns. They have wicked stuff now. I wish i could visit the bloor street location ans see the "shoe" tree
  8. Moe, I have the same exact problem.

    I cannot wear CL's either.....or J Choo or M Hubby always jokes "Thank God you don't fit it because then we would be in the poorhouse!"
    have you tried Prada or Burberry I have wide wide feet and seem to be able to fit them.

    Be patient and try every shoe you come across...I lucked out one year with some beautiful Chanel pumps.
  9. Def. agree with the Burberry suggestion! I have a very wide foot and my Burberrys fit me fine :biggrin:
  10. :shrugs:
  11. ah moe, that is horrid to not fit these fab shoes :sad:

    I always find the bruges to be a generous cut in CLs, so maybe you could try these next time you see them in the store?

    best of luck
  12. Yeah, Bruges are more generous because of the roundness of the toe. Also, try Helmuts. Because of the lack of an instep they are very forgiving for a wide foot. Because of my disproportionately narrow heel, I had problems with the regular Helmut, but the Bezehelmut with the sling works well with me. Don't be discouraged, keep searching and trying them on. Another thing to consider is when you find a shoe that is not quite wide enough is to get it professionally stretched.